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Apr 23, 2014

These Distributors Are Black Tie Qualified—Are You?

Congratulations to everyone who has qualified for the Indianapolis Black Tie Event so far! The deadline to qualify is August 8, 2014, so be sure to review the requirements and see what you can do to join us for this extraordinary event.


Available to literally any distributor regardless of rank, Black Tie Event details are kept highly confidential leading up to the big night. But, one thing you can count on is once you’ve been to one Black Tie Event, you’ll never want to miss another one.

Indianapolis Black Tie Qualifiers

Steve and Gina Merritt - Crowne Black Diamond Executives

Scott and Sue Olsen- Imperial Black Diamond

Calvin and Shannon Becerra - Presidential Black Diamond

Holly and Corbin Roush - Presidential Black Diamonds

Todd and Angelique Hartog- Royal Black Diamond

Todd and Angelique Hartog- Royal Black Diamond

Bob and Linda Robinson- Royal Black Diamond

Renita and Scott Brannan - White Diamonds

Randy Schroeder- Black Diamond
Matt and Kim Curtis- Black Diamond
Conrad and Jill Padilla - White Diamonds
Karen and Colombo DiSalvatore - Purple Diamond Executives
Al and Sherry Huva - Purple Diamond Executives
Mark Berry - Blue Diamond
John and Leslie Ksiazek - Blue Diamond Executives

Doreen Matsumoto - Blue Diamond Executive

Mike and Linda McCormick - Blue Diamond Executives

Jim and Sandy Minneo - Blue Diamond Executives

Gem Morris - Blue Diamond Executive

Kevin and Emily Wilson - Blue Diamond Executives

Carlos Concheso - Diamond Executive
Laura and Chris Sonksen- Diamond Executives
William (Bear) and Angela Harris - Emerald Executives
Glenn and Nicole Johnson-Emerald Executives

Javier and Pavela Solis - Emerald Executives

Poppy and Todd Sun- Emerald Executives

Dana and Chris Tinley - Emerald Executives

Chris and Connie Grant- Ruby Executives

Randy and Kellie Keling- Ruby Executive

Victor Leon - Ruby Executives

Mike and Sharron Masse- Ruby Executives

Pedro Malagon and Erica Pavon - Ruby Executives
Randy and Jaynann Perrett- Ruby Executive
Robert and Yamila Niebla - Ruby Executives
Natalie and John Thomas- Ruby Executives
Bozena and Lech Wlostowscy - Ruby Executives

Carmen Brito - Gold Executive

Adam and Shayna Gervais- Gold Executives

Yuri Kasparov - Gold Executive

Dan and Terri Nelson- Gold Executive

Mateo and Sharina Perrett- Gold Executive

Gregory and Susan Richardson - Gold Executives

Midris Romero - Gold Executive

Stephanie and Rick Smith - Gold Executives

Jacqueline Arcella, Silver Executive

Claudia Garza - Silver Executive
Damaysi Kish - Silver Executive

Luis Niebla - Silver Executive

Jose Manuel Delgado Rodriguez - Silver Executive

Govind Seelan - Silver Executive

Monica Villarroel - Silver Executive

Maria Bofill and Ryan Hedmont - Star 1,000

Lino Matallana - Star 1,000

Steve Veerapen - Star 1,000

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