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Oct 28, 2013

The MORE Project to Host First Annual World Day of Giving on November 30, 2013

MonaVie and the MORE Project are very pleased to announce the first annual MORE World Day of Giving, Saturday, November 30!

The World Day of Giving is our chance as a MonaVie family to demonstrate the very essence of our company—a culture of generosity and charity that governs the actions of distributors and employees alike. It’s a day where we ask distributors around the world to:

  • Give a one-time gift to the MORE Project through their MonaVie Virtual Office.
  • Consider giving ongoing support by contributing through their MonaVie AutoShip order.

How do I get involved?
While the MORE World Day of Giving takes place on Saturday, November 30, we’re actually dedicating the entire month of November to giving back through the MORE Project. Here’s how you can help.

Throughout the month of November:

  • The MORE Project will organize several activities and promotions throughout the month in preparation for the World Day of Giving. Be sure to attend as many City Meetings, BBS’s, and other events as possible in November, where this information will be shared. Also, check the On the Move Media Center as well as your inbox for updates.
  • Spread the word through social media! As we deliver video testimonials and other MORE Project news and information in the coming weeks, feel free to “like,” “share,” and tweet these out to your circle of influence. In the 21st Century, there’s nothing quite like social media to ignite the fire under a great cause.
  • Create your own World Day of Giving fundraising website by clicking here. Here, you can register for the World Day of Giving as an individual, team, or family.


On Saturday, November 30:

  • Log into your Virtual Office, and give a one-time gift or choose to contribute on an ongoing basis through AutoShip.
  • Visit, and make a life-changing difference in someone’s life by committing a percentage of your weekly commissions to the MORE Project.
  • Or, simply give a one-time gift by clicking here.
  • Motivate those in your organization to do the same!
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