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Mar 21, 2014

The Big Reveal: Introducing mynt Products & Kits!

You’ve been chompin’ at the bit to learn more about the mynt™ products, and some have courageously asked if the new products will make them jump higher or possibly fly?

Frankly, you’re asking the question as if you are prepping to go against Kansas's Andrew Wiggins in the tourney known as March Madness. And fly can mean so many things. It could mean you are looking to increase your massive airs on the half pipe or extend the hang time on your roast beef hand grab. Maybe, that’s not it. Maybe, you’ve just watched Man of Steel one too many times.

Whatever the reason, we’re still not allowed to make any promises. But we are allowed to show you the products!  Click below to check them out, and feel free to hang out on this page but please keep drooling to a minimum.

mynt products

mynt kits 411 + FAQs

Guess what? We’ve upgraded the mynt kits since our webinar on March 18! We’re cool like that.

To the beautifully (and temporarily) named Kit #1, we added:

  • 1 extra box of CLEANSE Boost (for a total of 3 boxes)
  • 1 extra case of Citrus Zero (for a total of 3 cases)

To its sidekick—Kit #2—we added:

  • A ticket voucher to receive 50% off a convention ticket.

(BTW, if you have a better name for the kits, please leave a comment below. Director of mynt Brandon Carter is offering $100 if we use a kit name you suggest.)

When can I order my mynt kit?
You can preorder mynt kits starting on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Why should I buy?
By having you and your “Core 4” preorder a mynt kit, you can start building your team, accrue volume, and even become squared qualified before mynt officially launches! You will also receive your product before the other slow pokes, putting you a head of the game.

Can I order the CORE products and EMV drinks separately?
During our prelaunch phase, we will only be accepting preorders for the kits. You will be able to separately order the CORE products and the new EMV drinks after mynt officially launches on April 19.

When will my preorder ship?
All preorders of our mynt kits will ship on Monday, April 21, 2014.

When will I receive my first commission check?
Once your mynt kit ships, we will start calculating your first bonus check! You will receive your first “paymynt” on Friday, May 2. 

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