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Nov 5, 2012

The Act of Giving—A Message from Randy Schroeder

Tara and I are watching news reports of the devastation in the hurricane-stricken areas of the Northeast. Tara has tears in her eyes as we watch. This is a tragedy of magnitude seldom seen in our country.

I was personally involved in a flood caused by the failure of a large dam near my hometown in 1976. Watching the images of people sorting through rubble and devastation has brought back to me tangible recollections of the stench and vivid memories of aching muscles and complete exhaustion. There are sharp stabs of pain as I remember the loss of family treasures and heirlooms, sad searching for and finding of pictures of children, now adults moved on. These destroyed images are now forever dependent upon proper memory. Our hearts go out to those who suffer. We pray for the recovery of your communities and families.

Tara and I will contribute financially to the recovery effort. Can you do so? We believe completely in the law of sacrifice. He or she who gives freely with no expectation of return inevitably reaps rewards of peace, joy, and contentment.

Remember the widow’s mite. It is not how much one gives; it is the act of giving that matters.


Randy Schroeder
President of North America & Europe,

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