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Mar 12, 2012

Steve and Heidi Rodrick Join the MonaVie Millionaire Club

Since MonaVie's inception, 127 independent business owners have earned $1 million and more as a result of saying "yes" to the MonaVie opportunity, including Blue Diamond Executives Steve and Heidi Rodrick from Kansas City, Missouri! Here's what they had to say about their MonaVie journey so far…

"Steve and I learned about MonaVie when the company was in its first year. In fact, I was the very first person Presidential Black Diamond Holly Roush shared the juice with. I hold the title of being Holly's very first 'no.' For nine months, I watched quietly as Holly and many others created a wave of success throughout our community. There was a buzz of excitement in Tulsa as people shared stories of the health benefits they were experiencing. The buzz heightened when they began to share how the company was rewarding them financially for spreading the message of health. I was very intrigued by the fact that almost everyone was making money, not just Holly. I continued to hesitate and keep it to myself until I learned that the Roush family was making a large six-figure income! I immediately picked up the phone to share this news with my husband. I was genuinely so excited for them!

"Steve asked the obvious, 'Heidi, why aren't we doing this?' I guess I was holding us back because I had never been involved in what we now call community commerce. I had no idea what to do, and my fear of failing was bigger than my desire to do something great. Steve promised to be my business partner and breathed confidence into me that I needed. We were equal partners from the beginning. We went to our first tasting and got so excited about drinking this amazing juice and about how many people we were going to help by sharing it. I had always wanted to serve, which I did in my kids' school, our church, and our community; now I realized I could make an even bigger impact by helping people with their health as well as their finances, all the while contributing to our family's bottom line. It was a way I could take some pressure off Steve and bring an extra stream of income into our home. No-brainer!

"We may have had a timid beginning, but once we made our decision to build a big business we wasted no time. We built a list immediately and extensively. We made phone calls to our closest friends and family first, inviting them to join us for a tasting, try out the juice, and learn more. We took advantage of the Roush's tastings for a couple weeks before holding our own. The minute we enrolled our first person, we took on an attitude of owning and running a business. We immediately scheduled a tasting in their home, practiced the presentation until we felt somewhat comfortable, and then went and did it. We were nervous; but, once we had the first one under our belt, we were off and running!

"We set small goals at first. It's important to celebrate the victories as you go. Otherwise, you might lose interest before you reach the long term goals. Did we believe we could make a million dollars in our MonaVie business? You bet! But, we stayed focused on the immediate milestones, set smart goals, encouraged each other, counseled with our upline, and took it one step at a time. Some goals take longer than others. We believe that's because there are lessons to be learned along the way. We want to pass the tests as we go. We know that's the only way we'll be the kind of leaders our team deserves.

"We had a private goal that we didn't share with anyone. Our dream was to move back to Kansas City to be near family and friends. This is where we pictured raising our kids, Mac and Clara. A couple years ago, our opportunity came. We had a solid Blue Diamond business generating residual income that allowed us to make the move. We feel so truly blessed to be on this journey and for the amazing experiences along the way. The Diamond Destination trips to Hawaii are highlights in our children's lives. We've made incredible memories traveling with friends and making new friends all over the country.

"Treat today like the first day of your business. Promote yourself to CEO! Do the income-generating steps found in your MVP Playbook. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. We looked back and realized that hardly a day has gone by in the last five years that we haven't done something for our MonaVie business! If you want people to join your team, then you have to take the reins. You can do it! You are building something of value. You are creating an extra stream of income for your family. You have amazing products to share that help people; and, in a time of financial uncertainty, you are bringing people an answer. America's never been sicker or heavier. We need to get the word out to those we care about.

"The neat thing about crossing the million-dollar threshold is that you don't do it alone! It's people helping people. This milestone for us only reflects hundreds of goals met by people we love and care about on our team—real people earning income to help with car payments, mortgages, groceries, or a family vacation. That gets us fired up! We see MonaVie as a way to have a positive impact on the people in our world and create A More Meaningful Life. We can't thank you enough, MonaVie, for the opportunity you've given us. It's a privilege to partner with a company that stands for quality, integrity and excellence. Now, as Dallin would say, onward and upward!"

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