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May 22, 2012

Start Your RVLution and Jumpstart Your Business with Mark Macdonald’s Ultimate Workout Series

Achieving body confidence is simple when you have the right tools. Filled with exclusive insights from New York Times bestselling author and CNN health and fitness contributor Mark Macdonald, the Start the Revolution pack is the right combination of tools for your weight management goals. Build your body and your business by sharing these workout DVDs with your prospects.

  • 8-disc Ultimate Workout Series
  • The RVLution: Your Complete Weight Management book
  • Free registration for the online RVLution tools
Start the RVLution Pack US$119 50
(8-disc Ultimate Workout Series)    
Item CAD$129 50
Start the RVLution Pack    
(8-disc Ultimate Workout Series)    

Nutritionist and fitness expert, Mark Macdonald, will be your RVLution personal trainer.
Author of the bestselling book Body Confidence and creator of the Venice Nutrition Program, Mark knows what it takes to manage your weight the right way. With an approach of eating not just healthily but correctly, Mark has helped thousands to balance their blood sugar, resulting in more fat burned, lean muscle preserved, and energy levels increased. When you take action and join the RVLution with Mark, you’ll work through stabilizing your blood sugar and optimizing your exercise as you walk through the three phases of making your health goals a reality—Weight Management, Break Through, and Lifestyle.

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