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Oct 15, 2012

Share the Digital MVP Velocity Kit with MonaVie eDelivery Xpress

We are thrilled to announce the launch of MonaVie eDelivery Xpress. This powerful tool allows you to easily share the digital version of the MVP Velocity Kit and manage leads as you progress toward signing up new business builders!

Free 60-day trial
MonaVie eDelivery Xpress is a robust, online system that you can try for free for the next 60 days (October 15–December 15, 2012) through your Virtual Office.

To try out this new feature*:

  • Log into your Virtual Office.
  • Scroll over the MVP or VO Tools tab, and click on “eDelivery Xpress” in the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Access eDelivery Xpress” to start your free trial.

To continue using eDelivery Xpress after the 60-day free trial, add it to your AutoShip and you will pay $10 every time your AutoShip runs.

Share and track with ease
With eDelivery Xpress, you can share the compelling, educational, and high-impact content found in the MVP Velocity Kit—from the booklets to the videos and audios—with anyone, from new distributors to potential distributors. By following a few simple steps, you can share the individual components of the kit via email.

And with eDelivery Xpress, it’s easy for you to measure results. Once you share an item, eDelivery Xpress provides you with real-time statistics—called “Analytics”—so you can follow up with your downline or potential distributors more effectively. For example, when you share a MonaVie video you will not only be able to tell when a potential distributor views the video, but you will know how much of it they watched and if they shared it with others. What’s more, you can set up email or text message alerts to be notified when someone opens or views the shared content.

Take advantage of the free trial period today to see what eDelivery Xpress can do to drive new growth and bring new awareness to your MonaVie business!

* MonaVie eDelivery Xpress available in North America in English only.

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