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Mar 18, 2014

Scope Out the Products on the March 18 mynt Webinar Replay

Take a peep at our March 18 mynt™ webinar replay, where we flirt mynt products (ooh la la) in front of your eyes!*

MonaVie Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald joins “international mynt man” Stephen Jones to unveil the lineup of exciting mynt products. Director of mynt Brandon Carter also outlines the inaugural mynt kits that will help skyrocket your earnings out the gate, including one innovative kit that will keep you Active in the business for two months!

Why on earth are you still reading?
Get your eyes on the replay now!

5 ways to step to the beat
After you’re done gawking, get hoppin’ in the following ways:

  • Enroll at
  • Set goals toward earning a Jeep by April 19
  • Get your “Core 4”
  • Create your own #myntmoment
  • Get your mynt leaders and as many prospects as possible on the March 25 webinar.

* Please note that we have upgraded the kits since the live webinar! This replay shows the right stuff.

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