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Mar 28, 2013

Salt Lake City Black Tie Event Guest List—Are You On the List?

Congratulations to everyone who has qualified for the Salt Lake City Black Tie Event so far! The deadline to qualify is August 16, 2013, so be sure to review the requirements and see what you can do to join us for this extraordinary event.

Available to literally any distributor regardless of rank, Black Tie Event details are kept highly confidential leading up to the big night. But, one thing you can count on is once you’ve been to one Black Tie Event, you’ll never want to miss another one. There’s still plenty of time for you to qualify for Salt Lake City, so check out the requirements and decide today what you’ll do in order to become Black-Tie qualified!

Click here for complete Salt Lake City Black Tie Event qualification details.

Salt Lake City Black Tie Event Qualifiers

Steve and Gina Merritt, Crowne Black Diamonds

Holly and Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamonds

Randy Schroeder, Royal Black Diamond

Mark and Jill Ewell, Black Diamonds

Renita and Scott Brannan, White Diamonds
Conrad and Jill Padilla, White Diamonds
Jim and Karen Kane, Blue Diamonds

Mark and Kelly Timmerman, Diamonds

Aysegul Abu Amrieh, Gold

Scott Binder, Gold

Mike and Kelly Bonomo, Golds

Mariah Prussia, Gold

Denice and Dave Sincock, Golds

Gerard and Cherry Fernando, Silvers

Claudia Garza, Silver

Kevin and Michelle McNutt, Silvers

Lindsay Kjos and Jake Roberts, Silvers

George Aubrey, Bronze

Scott Baumgartner, Bronze

Maria Elena Orozco, Bronze

Suzanne Curry, Star 1,000

Kyle and Krisi Engelhardt, Star 1,000s

Young Tordsen, Star 1,000


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