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May 16, 2012

New Ruby Executives—Stephanie and Jesse Clooten

Congratulations to Stephanie and Jesse Clooten from Bismarck, North Dakota, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“It has been a fast and furious journey to say the least. Our two-year anniversary in MonaVie is on June 14. Like most families, we run a pretty hectic ship. Jesse and I have full-time jobs, two small children, three dogs, and all the extracurriculars that go along with them. To top it off, I was going to school full-time finishing my bachelor’s degree. When Scott and Renita Brannan came to us—seeing that we had an obvious physical need for the products—we honestly didn’t know how we were going to pay for them. We were financially strapped to our medical bills and prescriptions, and adding one more thing to the red column was a tough decision. 

“Renita came to me and said, ‘Steph, this is easy. If you share it with two people, you become eligible for commissions and MonaVie will start to pay you a little bit for your product. I want to help you make enough to pay for all of your product, so you don’t have to worry about it.’ I had asked her what would happen if I shared it with more than two people. She said simply, ‘Well, then MonaVie will pay you more.’ This was an instant light bulb for us. We can do this!

“Within a few weeks, our family’s health did a complete turnaround. Our daughter, Harbor (age three at the time), had been sick for seven months with allergy-like symptoms, went through surgery, and had been on several antibiotics and medications that were barely covered by insurance. Jesse had been in a car accident a few years prior and had suffered from chronic migraines since. And, our son Jaxon and I were constantly tired and had stomach issues. When I asked Renita whether the juice was really ‘working’ because we were having amazing results, she said that since it’s a food, she couldn’t make any claim that it’ll treat, cure, prevent illness, etc., but that good nutrition and all those antioxidants certainly do wonders for the body. Bottom line, we were hooked. When we started to see the health of our friends and family improve, we decided to make the commitment to set our goals much higher and work toward those goals together.  

“Just like we had made time for our full-time jobs, church, and children, we had to make our MonaVie business a priority as well. No excuses. We started hosting tasting parties at our house twice a week and attended other parties and listened to conference calls on the other days when possible. Scott and Renita did a great job instilling in us the fact that what we put into our business, we would get back. So the harder we worked, the bigger the reward.  

“There were several times we could have easily said that we just didn’t have time to do MonaVie, but we didn’t. We knew that our MonaVie business was giving us by far the most bang for our buck. Consistency and persistence is what made it all happen. Faith without works is dead, and so is your business. We don’t consider our time spent doing MonaVie as a sacrifice, but rather an investment. There is no such thing as time wasted! When things got hairy, I remember Renita and Scott telling us constantly, ‘Do not grow weary in doing good, for in the right season, we shall all reap a harvest!’ (Gal. 6:9). It feels great just typing that, actually. This is something I had to remind myself just a few weeks ago, as I was writing my final paper for my last class in school.

“I had headphones on and was in don’t-talk-to-me-mom’s-gotta-study mode. As I was trying to ignore the craziness in my house—the dogs, the family, the laundry, the cell phone, Facebook—I received a text from my best friend, Jennifer Sieg (Gold Executive), who was listening to Randy Schroeder’s first webinar after he took the reigns as President of North America and Europe. Her text said, ‘Steph, we’re going to Israel!’ I tried to ignore it, but I just couldn’t. Jesse and I hopped on the webinar and, sure enough, she was right. Since I only had one week of school left, Jesse and I decided that we would really hit it hard after I graduated. Apparently, this wasn’t soon enough! So, now I had finals week, a 20-page paper and presentation on Ronald Reagan due, and we had to hit Ruby on top of it?! This was just crazy! Nothing like putting on a little pressure to get us motivated.  

“After attending MonaVie’s first inaugural Cruise for Gold in January, we knew that if we put our heads together and managed our time well, these next couple of weeks would be crazy but worth it! Needless to say, we recruited the help of our team, went double time on the phone calls and tasting parties, and put goals and incentives out there for our team. Their success was our success! Long story short, it was out with the Gold, in with the new! New distributors, new rank advancements, new leaders rising up, and new goals set for all of us. When people tell me they’re too busy to do MonaVie, I tell them there’s no such thing as too busy. Busy people get things done. Trust me, we’ve been there!

“What we really like about MonaVie is that the products are simple. They work and taste good, which are really the only requirements for people to try them. We like that we didn’t have a large start-up cost, that we didn’t have a room full of inventory, and that the business model is built on a servant leadership foundation. When we help others, we also help ourselves. This company has offered our family something that the corporate world couldn’t: gratitude from others, improved health, and more quality time with our friends and family…and, oh yeah, trips and bonuses! We are just so grateful!

“Our best business advice is to use the tools that MonaVie has given us. Don’t overcomplicate things. Listen to the webinars, read the books, and listen to the CDs that come in the MVP Lifelong Learning packages. Counsel your upline and, above all else, put the things you learn into action! We are learning from the best—our uplines Scott and Renita Brannan, Holly and Corbin Roush, and of course, Randy Schroeder. We are so thankful for their efforts and the efforts of our team. We could not have gotten this far without any one of you!”

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