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May 16, 2012

New Ruby Executives—Darryl and Sheryl Burkhardt

Congratulations to Darryl and Sheryl Burkhardt from Boring, Oregon, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our road to Ruby started a couple of years ago when Keith Winsell and his wife, Jennifer, shared the juice with me and my wife. We started just by consuming the juice. We got so much out of it that we decided to sign up so we could get it for free! Now, we have put together a great team in Portland, Oregon.

“The key to our success is perseverance and staying consistent, as well as always being there for our team. The unique thing about MonaVie is the wonderful people this company attracts. The goal for financial freedom is very real, and the product itself is an absolute must in our diet. This juice has changed the way we feel, and that is better than ever!

“We decided to make this a five-year commitment and a goal for us to have as an exit strategy from our traditional business, which we have owned and operated for 30 years. We are right on target! Our advice is to never give up. Stay true to yourself and your team. This is a commitment! We always want to remember to give praise and glory to our God and ask for blessings to all!”

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