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Sep 10, 2012

Receive All the Tax Advantages You’re Owed with Deductr

Developing business traits, skills, and mindset is essential to your long-term success in MonaVie. Deductr™, the leading expense tracking software for small business owners, encourages that development by educating you on the tax advantages associated with business ownership and then helping you apply the habits of consistent business expense tracking and accurate record keeping. By using this simple and automated tracking tool, you can avoid the problems of procrastination and forgetfulness often associated with the task of bookkeeping. It’s a must-have for serious business builders looking to reduce their taxable income.

The bottom line: when you use Deductr, you keep more of what you make!

Get Deductr for Free by Subscribing to MVP Lifelong Learning!
Deductr is available to all MVP Lifelong Learning Premium Pack subscribers at no charge, and at a significantly discounted price for all other U.S. distributors. While “business tools” can sometimes become a distraction, Deductr gets you focused on core elements of the business: making money and keeping it.

A recent article in Forbes magazine confirms the importance of the tasks performed by Deductr for every business owner. Read the article here.

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