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Aug 26, 2013

Quest for Gold Winners—Natalie and John Thomas

Congratulations to Natalie and John Thomas from Middletown, Connecticut, on becoming Quest for Gold winners! As Quest for Gold winners, Natalie and John have won:

  • Two roundtrip airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference
  • Special seating throughout the Conference
  • Admission to the Black Tie Event
  • Photo with MonaVie Founders

Here’s what they had to say about advancing to Gold Executive and winning Quest for Gold…

“Our road to Gold was fast and furious. We started scanning and showing the opportunity to everyone. We called people that we knew, people that we met, and people we had lost contact with. Our excitement, the excitement of our team, and the encouragement of our leadership set things up to fly. We love this industry. It is the best way to get ahead and stay ahead. We started many years ago to find a better path and found it with this plan from MonaVie.

“The key to our success is teamwork. We wouldn’t have any success without our leadership that has guided us every step of the way. They help us strategize and make better decisions. We bring the opportunity to the prospect. We listen to the prospect to hear what they are looking for from MonaVie and us; and, if it’s a fit we register them.

“MonaVie is unique—the products, the VIEW scanner, the leadership, the commitment to the distributors. And, they give back. All of these things attracted us to the MonaVie business. We first started in this industry over 30 years ago, and we have had some success in that timeframe. When we looked at MonaVie, our first reaction was ‘this is too good to be true.’ We studied the opportunity, the product, and the people and realized it was real. We love the health and wellness industry and believe it is our future. The opportunity is real and easy to apply and put it into action. We love the binary tree system with just a left side or right side to place the next person.

“Treat MonaVie like the great business that it is. Don’t shortchange it or yourself. Learn from your growing leadership not from someone that has no experience. Subscribe to MVP Lifelong Learning; it is a university on wheels. Sharpen your skills, always be willing to learn, make changes as needed, and don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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