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May 13, 2013

Quest for Gold Winners—Larry and Jennifer Aulenbach

Congratulations to Larry and Jennifer Aulenbach from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, on becoming Quest for Gold winners! As Quest for Gold winners, Larry and Jennifer have won:

  • Two roundtrip airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference
  • Special seating throughout the Conference
  • Admission to the Black Tie Event
  • Photo with MonaVie Founders

Here’s what they had to say about advancing to Gold Executive and winning Quest for Gold…

“The journey was bumpy but worth it! We grew as a couple, and we grew individually. We really listened to our upline and the Thirsty Thursday calls, and we plugged into MVP Lifelong Learning. We realized that if we wanted more out of life that we had to become more.

“We moved to Fort McMurray three years ago with the dream to become debt free. This is the same reason people move to Fort McMurray from all over the world. I am a power engineer. Since being here, I have had four different jobs. I work 12-to-14-hour days and nights plus two to three hours of travel time. This makes for an 18-to-20-hour day. We are active in our community and our church, and we endeavor to spend at least an hour a day on our MonaVie business. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been our experience in life that the things that hold the most value require the most effort to acquire and achieve.

“Jennifer works as a bank manager for a big bank in town. We worked and worked and worked some more and really lost sight of our dreams because we were completely trapped in the rat race. We were praying for our lives to change. We wanted so much more for our family. That’s when we were introduced to MonaVie.

“The first time I saw the plan I knew this was the answer to our prayers. I sat at the edge of my seat ready to dive in. My wife on the other hand didn’t want to do this. She saw how excited I was and was willing to support me but was not engaged in the business, as we were already working too much and not living life. It took her going to the Get a VIEW Conference in Orlando to get engaged and see the opportunity.

“We love that MonaVie puts God first, Family second, and MonaVie third. When your priorities are lined up right and you live your life this way, you will be blessed by being a blessing to others. We realize that the timing isn’t always right for people; however, we have found that those who know us well (those who we thought would be our best supporters) eventually do come around when they see the change in you and the way you devote your time to serving others.

“We are so grateful for the incredible support we have received from our upline Steve and Gina Merritt, Al and Sherry Huva, Joe and Colleen Wack, Dewey and Tanya German, and to our good friends Jeff and Chelsie Zezula for sharing this life-changing opportunity with us. MonaVie truly has been the answer to our prayers, and we have found it to be so for many others as we have shared it with them. It has been a real blessing to be a part of something so much bigger than any one of us. Thank you, MonaVie.”

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