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Jul 15, 2013

Quest for Gold Winners—Dorothy and Rich Brown

Congratulations to Dorothy and Rich Brown from Jessup, Pennsylvania, on becoming Quest for Gold winners! As Quest for Gold winners, Dorothy and Rich have won:

  • Two roundtrip airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference
  • Special seating throughout the Conference
  • Admission to the Black Tie Event
  • Photo with MonaVie Founders

Here’s what they had to say about advancing to Gold Executive and winning Quest for Gold…

“We have achieved the rank of Gold Executive by setting a goal, having a dream, believing in the product, and, most of all, by believing in ourselves. We followed the proven MVP system and consulted with our upline Blue Diamonds Colombo and Karen DiSalvatore and Ruby Executives Jim and Sandy Minneo.

“The DiSalvatores and Minneos have become great friends and welcomed us into the MonaVie family with open arms. They are great leaders who are able to help us accomplish our goals. They also made us believe in the business and ourselves. They told us if we believe in ourselves, we can do it.

“We were invited to a meeting approximately two years ago by friends of ours, Denise and Ernie Millon. They would not tell us anything about the meeting other than to be there. That is where we met Colombo and Karen. I remember sitting there with my arms crossed and telling Colombo that my time is valuable and I am very busy, so make this meeting count.

“We left the meeting that night with an opportunity to succeed in the best health and wellness company, MonaVie. I felt positive about the business, whereas my wife was not convinced. We agreed to try the product. I found results and the results are still coming to this day.

“I started to attend local and city meetings by myself. After my first big city meeting I knew I had to prepare my wife for a new opportunity. At that point, I decided we were going to our first convention and we drove to Dallas, Texas. After that convention, I turned to my wife and told her how much glow and smiles she had. When we returned home and went back to our restaurant business, she believed in herself and signed three people by 9 a.m.

“We proceeded to sign people even though we did get a lot of no's. When we hit Bronze, we knew we could do more; and, then we hit Silver within the next hour. That was exciting to hit two ranks in a day. Now that we have achieved Gold, Ruby is not far away.

“We’d like to thank Denise and Ernie for that invitation two years ago and for the help that they and Dan and Yean Feldman have given us. They are great assets to the team. We also want to thank the team at MonaVie for coming out with the VIEW; it is another great asset to building our business.

“In closing, we believe that you must have a dream to work towards. Follow through in what you started, and you will be amazed by all the good things that will come your way.”

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