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Aug 26, 2013

Quest for Gold Winners—Brad and Shelly Burton

Congratulations to Brad and Shelly Burton from Caldwell, Idaho, on becoming Quest for Gold winners! As Quest for Gold winners, Brad and Shelly have won:

  • Two roundtrip airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference
  • Special seating throughout the Conference
  • Admission to the Black Tie Event
  • Photo with MonaVie Founders

Here’s what they had to say about advancing to Gold Executive and winning Quest for Gold…

“Shelly and I started on this journey back in 2008 when we drove from Boise, Idaho, to San Diego, California, to ask Lance and Tracey Smith to sponsor us. We had been looking for something to help us achieve our dreams. We studied many business models and didn’t find anything that fit what we had been looking for until we found MonaVie.

“We are not the rock stars that most everyone is looking for, but we stayed steadfast in our vision. We have been on AutoShip since day one. We have been on the MVP system since its inception. And, we have only missed two major functions since day one due to job choices. Even when we have been without power and water, we have always been on AutoShip and MVP. You have to do whatever it takes to keep moving closer to your goals and dreams.

“The thing we most cherish about MonaVie is the vision of always focusing on the people in the MonaVie community and not always focusing on the bottom line of the spreadsheet. That’s how we got to Gold—by building our community to help others achieve their dreams.

“Keep dreaming and doing what it takes to achieve those dreams!”

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