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Jan 8, 2013

Products With a Purpose Call Monday, January 14, 7 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Join us Monday, January 14, for the Products With a Purpose Call with hosts Mark Macdonald and Dr. Shawn Talbott. This special call will give you an insider’s view of health, nutrition, and product science directly from MonaVie’s resident experts—Mark Macdonald and Shawn Talbott!

Products With a Purpose Call
Monday, January 14, 7 p.m. (Mountain Time)

How Do I Join the Call?
Join the call online by visiting, or dial one of the numbers below:

USA & Territories, Canada
1-866-352-4928 (PIN: 4928#)

1-904-596-2373 (PIN: 7878295#)

About Mark Macdonald, MonaVie’s Nutrition and Fitness Expert
Author of the New York Times bestselling book Body Confidence, Mark knows what it takes to manage your weight the right way. With an approach to eating not just healthily but correctly, Mark has helped thousands burn fat, build muscle, and increase energy. Thousands have joined the RVLution with Mark and made their health goals a reality by unlocking their bodies’ full potential. Mark is a regular contributor to CNN and was recently named a National Ambassador to the American Diabetes Association.
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About Dr. Shawn Talbott, MonaVie Chief Science Officer
Dr. Shawn Talbott leads MonaVie’s global product strategy and product development efforts. He has a consistent track record of creating leading nutrition products and new platforms that help people feel better, look better, and perform better. Dr. Talbott joined the MonaVie family in January 2012 as Vice President of Research and Product Development. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing and overseeing the creation of new products and MonaVie’s research efforts to provide credible, third-party validation of MonaVie products.
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