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Mar 28, 2014

preorder your mynt kit on Saturday, March 29

Editor’s note: Below are critical details on how to preorder mynt products and why you should, and when you can expect to earn some cheddar. Be sure to read through all the information below. We wouldn’t want you to miss anything. Cheers.

We’ve got your weekend plans covered. Beginning at 9 a.m. (Mountain Time) on Saturday, March 29, you can preorder each of our mynt kits and place separate orders of EMV™ Acerola and Citrus Zero.

A bold new direction in branding, products, and direct selling, mynt™ is prepping to take flight. And while we are warming up with a few ollies, nollies, and kickflips, you have the chance to pull off your own seven-twenty or three-sixty tricks!

the products: what to preorder?
how do I place a preorder?
why should I preorder? we have 3 reasons for you.
when can I expect to get paid?
when does my Momentum Multiplier date begin?

what to preorder?
That depends on you. First impressions are often money makers. So, do you want to crush it with a mynt success kit and earn extra volume toward qualifying for the 4x4 Promotion or get your feet wet with a mynt starter kit? Both are great, but one is phenomenal (hint, hint).

mynt success kit

Price PV EOB
$1,050 500+100 $100
  • Keeps you Active for 2 months!
  • 2 Bags Double Chocolate CORE Shake
  • 2 Bags Vanilla Bean CORE Shake
  • 3 Boxes CLEANSE Boost
  • 2 Boxes BURN Boost
  • 2 Boxes BUILD Boost
  • 2 Boxes PRO-B Boost
  • 3 Cases EMV Acerola
  • 3 Cases EMV Citrus Zero
  • 12 months myntbiz App
  • Go Pro by Eric Worre
  • Welcome Kit (includes 1 ticket to convention, video, 2 shaker bottles, promotional swag)


mynt starter kit

Price PV EOB
$550 250 $50
  • 1 Bag Double Chocolate CORE Shake
  • 1 Bag Vanilla Bean CORE Shake
  • 1 Box CLEANSE Boost
  • 1 Box BURN Boost
  • 1 Box BUILD Boost
  • 1 Box PRO-B Boost
  • 2 Cases EMV Acerola
  • 1 Case EMV Citrus Zero
  • 12 months myntbiz App
  • Welcome Kit (includes 1 50% off ticket voucher for convention, video, 1 shaker bottle, promotional swag)



EMV  options



1 Case EMV Acerola,
1 Case EMV Citrus Zero



6 Cases EMV Acerola*



6 cases EMV Citrus Zero*



12 Cases EMV Acerola*



12 Cases EMV Citrus Zero*



* Okay, normally you have to be 100 PV active and on AutoShip to purchase these. But at mynt, we have this urge to break the rules. Between March 29 and April 19, we are allowing anyone to purchase the 6 case and 12 case EMV options by calling the number below.

how to preorder?
Current mynt brand promoters: If you are already pre-enrolled in mynt, have your people (or you can call yourself) call our people. Give us a ring at the number below and our mynt reps will hook you up:
Digits: 1-844-808-mynt (1-844-808-6968)
Time: 9 a.m.–5 p.m., March 29–30

After March 30, the mynt phone support will switch to Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

New mynt brand promoters: mynt brand promoters who pre-enroll through on or after March 29 will have the ability to buy mynt product (except for the 6 and 12 case EMV options) through the online enrollment process. Ahh…the perks of being a newbie, right?

why should I preorder? Here are 3 reasons
Some of you may want to wait to order until April 19. No worries. We still love ya. For those of you who can’t wait, there are some benefits to preordering.

  • To jump in and start earning volume right away and building with your “Core 4.”
  • To set the course for becoming one of the first we recognize as being 4x4 Square or Jeep qualified on the mynt virtual launch on April 19. Click here for 4x4 Jeep Program details.
  • To get your EMV Acerola and Citrus Zero in time for your own launch party on April 19. The EMV in each kit and orders of EMV Acerola or Citrus Zero will ship separately on April 4. All other components of the mynt kits will be shipped on April 21.    
  • To purchase the 6 case and the 12 case EMV options without having to meet the 100 PV active and AutoShip requirement.

when can I expect to get paid?
Don’t move! This is critical information you don’t want to miss.

Please note that mynt brand promoters will have access to the mynt Virtual Office on April 19, and we will officially begin processing their volume once the remaining portion of the kit ships on April 21. This means mynt brand promoters will receive their first bonus or commission payment on Friday, May 2.

BTW, here’s a mynt application for you to download and fill out with your mynt prospects.

mynt application

Current MonaVie distributors who are enrolling mynt brand promoters will see the volume roll up and commissions processed and paid out as normal during the preorder period.

when does my Momentum Multiplier date begin?
The 4x4 2x Momentum Multiplier is your chance to earn double for the same amount of work in your first 28 days of the business. Think about all that cheddar!

For mynt brand promoters who preorder between March 29 and April 19, and wish to qualify for the 4x4 Square 2x Momentum Multiplier, please understand that the date they place their preorder is the start date to meet this requirement.

For example, if you place your initial preorder on March 29, you will have four weeks from that date to qualify for the 2x Momentum Multiplier. If you place your initial preorder on April 4, you have four weeks from that date to qualify.

Click here or go to for more information on the 4x4 program. 


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