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Feb 25, 2013

Order VIEW Certified Products. Deliver Top Antioxidants into Your Body.

All MonaVie products are scientifically formulated to provide your body with a wide array of powerful phytonutrients that have amazing antioxidant capabilities. MonaVie VIEW certified products are our top antioxidant sponsoring products, delivering a broad spectrum of antioxidants in each serving. Each VIEW certified product is guaranteed to improve your Life Score or your money back.

The MonaVie VIEW certified products include the following:

  • MonaVie RVL™ Nutrition Shake Mix
  • MonaVie MX™
  • MonaVie Essential™
  • MonaVie Pulse™
  • MonaVie Active™
  • MonaVie (M)mūn™ 


Why is it important to have a wide array of antioxidants?
A variety of antioxidants is important to your health as each antioxidant serves a different purpose. Some antioxidants protect specific areas of your body while others fight against specific types of free radicals. While having one or two types of antioxidants in your system is good, having a full roster of antioxidants is even better. It’s the difference between a basketball team with one or two stars and a team that has a full bench of the best players ever seen.

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