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Sep 8, 2009

Vancouver Regional Meeting Recap

vancouver_main1MonaVie is booming in Canada.

An electrifying crowd of 1,400 distributors and guests attended the Vancouver Regional Meeting on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Met with standing ovation after standing ovation, every MonaVie Executive member came away impressed with the crowd’s endless excitement.

Watch the 2009 Vancouver Regional video.
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Window of Opportunity


MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen began the meeting by sharing with the sold-out audience our recent recognition in Inc. 500 magazine. This incredible honor is creating a “window of opportunity” for MonaVie to grow around the world.

Dallin credited the success MonaVie has experienced in four and a half years to all the distributors who continue to work hard, dream big, and believe.

MonaVie remains committed to treating our distributors as our No. 1 asset, Dallin stated. And as we evolve and grow, MonaVie will continue to look for ways to help distributors succeed and grow their businesses.

Randy Schroeder: New International Distributor Ambassador


One of the ways MonaVie is helping distributors is by making crucial decisions to create a better global opportunity.

At Vancouver, MonaVie officially announced that former Black Diamond Executive Randy Schroeder has accepted a new position as International Distributor Ambassador.

With 19 years of experience in the direct selling industry, Randy quickly became a top leader in the field and became recognized internationally among MonaVie distributors.

In this independent position, Randy will teach and train your international enrollees on how to get started and how to build a successful MonaVie business in each of our current open markets, outside of the U.S. and Japan.

Stay tuned to MonaVie Media Center for more information on Randy’s upcoming international training schedules.

“My responsibility is that when your business starts to spread across the seas, I will be there to help teach your prospective distributors. They will be taught, coached, trained, and will learn to become successful; and, you will become one of the beneficiaries of this remarkable, magical industry that is network marketing through MonaVie.”

—Randy Schroeder, International Distributor Ambassador

Read more about Randy’s new role and watch a related video message from Dallin A. Larsen.

MonaVie Receives Patent on Acai


Vice President of Product Management Jeff Graham kept the crowd buzzing by announcing that MonaVie has become the first and only company in the world with a United States patent on the use of acai in our products.

The patent covers both the nutritional composition of our acai puree (pulp), along with harvesting techniques and the proprietary freeze-dried method that are used for producing and preserving the rich antioxidants found in this superfood. The patent ensures that you and your customers are receiving the best acai product available.

Jeff also revealed how distributors are using MonaVie EMV to grow their businesses and attract new prospects. Since the successful launches of MonaVie EMV in the United States and Canada this summer, MonaVie has sold more than 5.5 million cans of the energy drink.

From surveys, MonaVie has learned of six key ways distributors are using MonaVie EMV in their businesses:

  1. Hand out as samples (80%)
  2. Use as a low cost introduction (50%)
  3. Replace other energy drinks (75%)
  4. Use as a gateway to introduce the other products in the MonaVie Family (90%)
  5. Reactive distributors (50%)
  6. Target younger distributors (73%)

Black Diamond Documentary—Ronn & Janice Prpich


Ronn and Janice Prpich are certainly using MonaVie EMV to help their business reach the top ranks. As Canada’s second Black Diamond Executive distributorship, Ronn and Janice received recognition and praise with the presentation of their Black Diamond documentary.

Watch Ronn and Janice Prpich’s Black Diamond documentary.

Janice congratulated the MonaVie Executive Team for building a business based on solid core principles. The MonaVie business is the ultimate relationship-building business, Janice said. Meanwhile, Ronn described how much MonaVie has blessed their family by giving them more freedom and helping their lives feel complete.

New Presidential Black Diamonds


Dallin also honored Ken and Carol Porter as the newest Presidential Black Diamonds in the world of MonaVie, and presented them with a US$300,000 check.

Ken Porter credited Dallin for sticking to his word and turning MonaVie into a global powerhouse. He also described MonaVie as being the best vehicle to achieve financial and spiritual abundance.

“The compensation incentives attached to the MonaVie business gives me excitement and gets me motivated and out of bed every morning,” Ken said.

To conclude one of the most exciting meetings of the year, Dallin congratulated the distributors for raising about $15,000 for the MORE Project at the event. He also encouraged the audience to make sure their families are included with their goals and dreams. One of the best things MonaVie can help you do, Dallin said, is to create a financial future for your family, so that you can travel the world together and create lasting memories.

Watch the 2009 Vancouver Regional video.
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