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Oct 5, 2009

October 2009 Ruby Fly-In Recap

Watch the October 2009 Ruby Fly-In recap video. (Coming soon!)

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Distributors from all over the world flew to Midway, Utah, courtesy of MonaVie, to participate in one of the last Ruby Fly-Ins of 2009. Among the Ruby Executives in attendance at Zermatt Resort & Spa were distributors from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, and Mexico, as well as those from all around the United States.

Principles of Leadership
One of the most special aspects of this incentive trip is the opportunity for distributors to interact with the MonaVie Executive Team and corporate staff on a personal level. On Thursday, October 1, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen kicked off an inspired meeting among MonaVie’s burgeoning leaders by giving them a glimpse of how he’s been able to become the exceptional leader of one of the most successful direct selling companies in history. Dallin’s presentation focused on his 10 Principles of Leadership:

  1. Leaders dream big dreams.
  2. Leaders never quit on themselves; they adjust.
  3. Leaders understand the value of work and focus.
  4. Leaders chase their passions, not their pensions.
  5. Leaders are risk takers willing to fail in order to succeed.
  6. Leaders master the art of communication.
  7. Leaders improve themselves continually.
  8. Leaders are willing to make difficult decisions decisively.
  9. Leadership sometimes requires loneliness.
  10. Great leaders in history move from success to significance.

Drawing upon his own life experiences and those of other famous leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Abraham Lincoln, Dallin told the group that they are the next generation of MonaVie leaders who will need to cultivate these traits in order to achieve their dreams as well as the overall vision of making MonaVie a $20 billion company.

"I’m grateful for the early pioneers of MonaVie who showed everyone else what was possible," Dallin said. "And, I’m grateful for the leadership in this company that I love and trust. Working together, MonaVie can truly become the best company for the world."

"All In"
Dallin continued by congratulating the group for the success they’ve attained so far and encouraging them to set their sights on even greater feats. "It’s no small accomplishment to get yourself to Ruby,” he began, "but, I want to see you at the next Diamond Destination. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure your MonaVie business is solid and secure so that you desire to remain 'all in' for the rest of your life."

Recreation and Relaxation
On Friday, October 2, many distributors received a relaxing spa treatment at the elegant, European-inspired spa at Zermatt, while others dispersed to participate in various activities around the area. Many spent the day at the Park City Mountain Resort riding the adventuresome attractions, including the Alpine Coaster, Alpine Slide, and Zip Rider. Not far from the thrill seekers, other Ruby Executives strolled along quaint Park City Main Street. There, they could eat at the various restaurants and cafes as well as shop in the hundreds of clothing stores and boutiques along the boulevard.

MonaVie also held a Ruby Fly-In golf tournament on Friday at the Wasatch Mountain State Park. Overlooking the impressive and picturesque Heber Valley, the park contains a 36-hole facility with a full-service clubhouse.

The next Ruby Fly-In will be in Sydney, Australia, October 7–9, 2009.

Watch the October 2009 Ruby Fly-In recap video. (Coming soon!)
View the October 2009 Ruby Fly-In photo gallery.

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