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Apr 6, 2009

MonaVie Kosher Highlights Tel Aviv City Meeting

MonaVie KosherMonaVie Kosher's debut appearance created a stir of excitement at our first City Meeting in Israel on April 5, 2009. The nearly 1,200 Israeli distributors and guests who attended the event received instructions from leaders and got their first chance to taste, pickup, and purchase the new product.

The excitement for MonaVie Kosher was so overwhelming that distributors used the hotel luggage carts to haul a dozen or more cases to their vehicles parked outside the David Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Tel Aviv.
MonaVie Kosher and Distributors

MonaVie Founder and President Dallin Larsen, his wife Karree, and key staff members from the MonaVie Israel office greeted distributors with the new product and outlined the MonaVie opportunity that is beginning to take root in Israel.

"The meeting was a great success," said Blake Schroeder, the general manager of MonaVie Israel. "Dallin and Karree were amazing, and we thank them for participating with us in this event. As momentum builds in Israel, now is the time to begin building the MonaVie story and capture the Momentum of MonaVie in Israel."

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Building MonaVie in Israel

Dallin Larsen
In his youth, Dallin gained a love for the Israeli people and the country's culture. Dallin lived on a kibbutz (a type of agriculture community) and worked in the banana fields while spending time in Jerusalem as a young man.

Dallin went on to speak about MonaVie's commitment to building a message of hope, health, and opportunity in Israel. Providing a certified kosher product is one way MonaVie is keeping this commitment.

Karree Larsen
Karree joined her husband on stage to also talk about the company's foundation and to reiterate MonaVie's commitment of giving back to others, which is closely associated with the MORE Project.

MonaVie has become a billion-dollar company in four years because of each distributor's drive to share the opportunity of wellness through one-on-one relationships, Dallin said. In the same fashion, MonaVie will find success in Israel and continue to grow into an international marvel.

Randy Schroeder
In return, MonaVie is taking care of its distributors through awards and amazing incentives. With that in mind, Dallin recognized the achievements and hard work of Israel's first Emerald Executives, Snir Ben Moshe and Hila David, as well as Ruby Executives, Ronen and Natasha Triffon.

Black Diamond Executives Randy and Tara Schroeder were on hand. Randy talked about his path to Black Diamond status and inspired the crowd to believe in themselves and in their dreams.

Dr. Boublik
Dr. Jaroslav Boublik also took the stage and talked about the nutritional benefits of the MonaVie products. He stressed the amazing macro and micro nutrient quantities that come from the MonaVie blend and specifically the acai berry, the crown jewel of MonaVie's products.

Count Down to MonaVie Israel Grand Opening Celebration

Save the date for our grand opening celebration!

This summer MonaVie Israel will commemorate its launch in the market with a grand opening event on Sunday, August 2, 2009.

Be sure to check or the announcement page on in the coming months for more information.

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