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Nov 2, 2008

Grand Opening of MonaVie Brazil - Historic Milestone in Direct Selling

With more than 1,500 people in attendance, WTC Golden Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has never seen an event quite like MonaVie's grand opening of Brazil. Upon entering the room, distributors and guests received a unique Grand Opening pin and were greeted with breathtaking sights—four giant screens, ubiquitous lighting, and two brand-new, beautiful black Mercedes! After viewing An Extraordinary Process (DVD), Mauricio Patrocinio, general operations director, and Eduardo Frayha, director of distributor relations, welcomed the audience and invited them to stand for an emotional performance of the Brazilian National Anthem.

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Those who were not familiar with acai and its unique benefits were enlightened by Dr. Alex Schauss. His informational and insightful presentation was one of the most applauded of the day.

Jim Marks, director of online marketing, talked about MonaVie Mall and the importance of "wearing" the brand. Jim announced that MonaVie Mall will soon launch in Brazil and that more information is forthcoming.

Representatives from the Chico Mendes Institute, including Environment Analyst Lucia Lopes and the Cajari River Extractivist Reserve Manager Francisco Edemburgo, also attended the Grand Opening. They spoke about the partnership MonaVie has entered into with the Brazilian government regarding the RESEX (Extractivist Reserves) areas, specifically the Cajari RESEX. Cajari River Extractivist Reserve has a total of 1,239,903.3942 acres (501,771.1014 hectares) and a population of approximately 3,900. The project will utilize the region for the sustainable harvesting of acai, thus preserving the area's environment which is under government protection. MonaVie will buy acai from local producers bringing economic opportunities to the area.

EarthFruits Director Fernanda Stefani told the story of acai in an entertaining and interesting way. She portrayed Euterpe oleracea (the scientific name of acai) as a little girl living in the forest, who, little by little, finds out about the fruit's peculiar attributes. Fernanda also spoke about the transportation and processing of acai.

Doug Allen, vice president of international development, spoke about the excellent growth of international sales and showed some pictures of the new MonaVie Brazil and Japan offices, which are scheduled to open in 2009.

Varlin Law, vice president of international sales, shared some important events from his life that illustrated the power of believing. He also spoke on the importance of having vision in this business.


Following Varlin, Eduardo took the stage once again to announce some great tools that are available to distributors in Brazil.

  • Pre-Paid Starter Kits. Having the Pre-Paid Starter Kit in hand makes it a lot easier to do business. Each kit has a specific code that is entered in the new distributor's Virtual Office when he or she places the first order. The Pre-Paid Starter Kit costs R$70 and is available exclusively in packages of five.
  • This new Portuguese MonaVie site contains updated information, recognition (title advancements, successful leaders), videos, photos, and much more! Check it out today by visiting
  • Bottle Folders. Besides containing important information about the product and the manufacturing process, this tool creates interest and showcases the strength of the brand.
    Package of 10 = R$5
    Package of 40 = R$15
  • An Extraordinary Process DVD. Dynamic and informative, this image-rich DVD is now available in Portuguese. Buy yours now!
    Unit price = R$5
    Package of 10 = R$35


In addition to Eduardo's announcements, Mauricio revealed a sensational opportunity called Brazil Momentum, which will take distributors to the Amazon Rainforest.

To become eligible to participate in Brazil Momentum, distributors must accumulate points. Distributors can earn points in any of the following ways:

  • Every 100 PV = 1 point
  • AutoShip order = 2 points
  • Regular order placed by Monday = 2 points
  • Each personal sponsorship with a minimum of 100 PV = 1 point
  • Each new personally sponsored Star = 5 points

The five highest scoring distributors automatically win a trip to the Amazon. Plus, there will be a drawing for five additional winners. This promotion will run from October 4, 2008 to February 27, 2009. This is your opportunity to visit one of the most extraordinary regions in the world. Begin building your Brazil business today!


One of the most emotional moments of the event happened during the MORE Project presentation. Sergio Ponce, MORE Project Director in Brazil, started things off by outlining the ways MonaVie and the MORE Project have changed the lives of hundreds of people in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. Sergio's speech was followed by a children's dance recital, displaying the kids' incredible talents. Finally, a girls' choir treated the audience to a beautiful song.


The Grand Opening of MonaVie Brazil had no shortage of recognition. All Bronze, Silver, and Gold distributors in Brazil were recognized onstage as pioneers of MonaVie Brazil. They each received a pin and an exclusive certificate as well as big hugs from the corporate executives.

Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond distributors had their pins personally placed on them with enthusiastic applause from the audience. MonaVie Brazil already has four Ruby, two Emerald, and two Diamond distributors!


Antonio Brasileiro

Marcelo Serakides and Luiz Henrique Soares


Philipe and Flavia Hoory
Valmir Oliveira


Luciana Carla Tafarello
Regina Sabanae
Rogerio M. Faria
Danilo Fonseca

Top Star Makers were also recognized and received trophies for the great work they've done.

1st Place
Marcelo Serakides and Luiz Henrique Soares

2nd Place
Humberto and Regia Duran
Valmir Oliveira
Weberson Luis Raymundo

3rd Place
Antonio and Shirley Brasileiro
Leandro and Gabriel Kenski
Regina Sabanae

The distributors who are featured in the lastest edition of Success From Home magazine received a 500-pack of the the magazine's international supplement. At the time of the magazine's publication, the following distributors had the largest volume:

  • Marcelo Serakides and Luiz Henrique Soares
  • Philipe and Flavia Hoory
  • Jeremias Rodrigues

Also recognized at the Grand Opening were some of MonaVie's most successful distributors. Among them were Executive Premier rank distributors Brig Hart, Scott Olsen, Angel Matos, and Frank Soucinek. They each talked about their great experiences with MonaVie and encouraged those in attendance to pursue their dreams.


"MonaVie couples sustainable development with ethical citizenship-an essential combination for success in Brazil."
Dr. Lair Ribeiro, cardiologist, international speaker, author of more than 100 scientific works and 29 books, and MonaVie distributor

"It was a fantastic event. The presentation was really powerful. We will reach the stars with this company."
Marcelo Serakides, Diamond Executive

"It was very important to hear people's life stories as well as to get to know some of the executives, such as Varlin Law. They gave us even more confidence because we feel we have the right people leading this company. Their values are consistent with the message that MonaVie brings."
Antonio Brasileiro, Diamond Executive

"The Grand Opening in Brazil was fantastic. The audience was excited to learn the vision of where ManaVie wants to go in Brazil. We received the gift of acai from Brazil three years ago; now, it is time to give this great opportunity to Brazil."
Scott Olsen, Black Diamond Executive

"It was exciting. Personally, I was touched by the choir from the MORE Project."
Philipe Hoory, Emerald Executive

"The event was very well-balanced with emotion and recognition. The feedback I have received about the company leadership is extremely positive. The Grand Opening will be remembered as a great part of our history."
Valmir Oliveira, Emerald Executive

"It was much better than we imagined, and the best part is this is only the beginning. MonaVie for life!"
Danilo Fonseca, Ruby Executive

View the photo gallery.
View the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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