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Oct 30, 2009

"Cascading Payment" Feature Added to AutoShip Program

MonaVie Autoship Program
MonaVie is pleased to announce a new enhancement to the AutoShip program—"cascading payment" capability.*

With this new feature, you now have the option to add additional credit cards or payment methods to your AutoShip account as a backup to those occasional, unanticipated moments when your primary payment method does not process. This will ensure successful fulfillment of your AutoShip orders every time.

How to manage the "cascading payment" feature:

• Access your Virtual Office.
• Click "Manage AutoShip" (left-hand navigation).
• Click "Add Payment Method."
• Enter your additional payment method information.
• Click "Save."

You can enter a maximum of three unique payment methods. Also, be sure to use the "up" and "down" arrows to the left of each payment method in order to specify which sequence you prefer to have your listed payment methods used.

MonaVie Commissions and the "cascading payment" feature
For those markets where MonaVie Commissions is offered, we are thrilled to add the option to list MonaVie Commissions as a primary or backup payment method in your AutoShip account. This allows you to use the funds in your MonaVie Commissions account to pay for your AutoShip orders, thus avoiding the extra time and expense of transferring funds to your personal bank account and then using those funds to purchase products.

We strongly encourage all distributors who have access to MonaVie Commissions to select this option as your primary AutoShip payment method, as we believe this will result in significant cost and time savings. (Please note that if you select MonaVie Commissions as your primary payment method, you will need to select a minimum of one credit card as a secondary payment method. MonaVie meets all PCI compliance requirements, and therefore, any credit card information you provide is strictly confidential and secure.)

Ensure your AutoShip orders arrive as expected by taking advantage of this new feature today!

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