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Oct 19, 2009

Asia Pacific Conference Recap

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Nearly 400,000 distributors/visitors watched our first-ever Asia Pacific Conference online or in person as we launched MonaVie Pulse and MonaVie Active Gel into Australia and New Zealand, introduced our new regional director of Southeast Asia, and presented a US$100,000 check to the first Royal Black Diamond Executives in Japan.

MonaVie Continues to Set New Standards

Distributors and guests gave Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen a standing ovation when he took the stage at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Sydney, Australia, on October 10, 2009.

Dallin started the meeting by showing distributors how MonaVie continues to set new standards in the industry. In the September 2009 issue of the Direct Selling News, MonaVie was ranked No. 13 in total revenue among 68 direct selling companies. The 12 companies ranked ahead of MonaVie were established between 25 and 125 years ago. Dallin reminded distributors that MonaVie's success has come in less than five years.

While the recognition provides distributors with evidence of MonaVie's prominence, Dallin has since put the awards aside. MonaVie is now looking forward to the future and looking forward to setting new standards by becoming successful in every market around the world and by continuing to improve the lives of children and families in the slums of Brazil.

New Product Launched, New Products Coming to Asia Markets

Vice President of Product Management Jeff Graham announced the launch of MonaVie Pulse and MonaVie Active Gel into Australia and New Zealand at the Asia Pacific Conference.

MonaVie Pulse and MonaVie Active Gel are a welcomed addition to the line of products available to distributors in both markets. Jeff also announced that MonaVie is working on plans to launch MonaVie Pulse into Japan and Singapore, and bring MonaVie EMV to the Asia Pacific region.

The MORE Project: VIP Amazon Expedition

MonaVie showed a moving video presentation of the first annual MORE Project VIP Amazon Expedition in Brazil. During the expedition, some of MonaVie's top field leaders explored the northern regions of Brazil and met the locals whose lives have changed since they began to harvest acai for MonaVie. More importantly, the group visited The MORE Project in Niteroi, just outside of Rio de Janeiro, where they served families and raised enough money to build three new homes.

Click here to watch the video of the MORE Project VIP Amazon Expedition.

Black Diamond Executive Anthony Wolfenden from Australia went on the expedition and said that in order to be successful in life and in business you have to give back.

"At MonaVie we are all about changing people's lives one person at a time," Anthony said. "Through your business you can help people that you know and meet on a daily basis. Through The MORE Project you can help countless others you don't know."

By the end of the Asia Pacific Conference, distributors donated more than US$20,000 to The MORE Project, enough to build more new homes for struggling families in Brazil.

The next MORE Project Expedition in Brazil is from November 1–8, 2009. To reserve your spot, please contact Linda Larsen at An application form will then be sent to you.

Setting Productivity Standards with Specific Activities

International Distributor Ambassador Randy Schroeder believes greatly in The MORE Project and contributed greatly to the building of the Nehemiah House for a struggling family in Brazil.

When Randy took the stage in Sydney, he encouraged distributors to set weekly goals that will help them to build a strong organization.

"That which is measured can be improved," Randy said. "If it is not measured there is no improvement."

Randy went on to outline three goals that helped him to reach Black Diamond Executive status in less than a year. Those weekly goals included:

  • Earn a First Order Bonus
  • Earn a Star Maker Bonus
  • Qualify at rank

It's not enough to set specific targets, Randy added. Distributors must also make specific plans to obtain those targets. Those specific plans must be centered on the following revenue producing activities:

  • Identify potential candidates
  • Learn to invite
  • Perfect the method of inviting through rehearsals
  • Conduct home business reviews or tasting parties
  • Hold orientation meetings to help new distributors place an initial order and establish an AutoShip.

Lastly, Randy explained that it is not enough to be concerned with what we do, but we also must be concerned about what we become. True success is achieved by developing new skills, building strong characteristic traits, and learning from leaders.

New Regional Director for Southeast Asia

Dallin introduced David McManus as MonaVie's first regional director of Southeast Asia. From Australia, David has 15 years of experience in the direct selling industry, most of which have come at the executive level.

David's responsibilities will include helping General Manager Leo Talbot in Australia and New Zealand, and he will help with operations in Singapore, and the development of Malaysia.

David shared with distributors his excitement to work and help MonaVie reach its goal of becoming a US$20 billion company.

Shiro Ozono: Japan's Second Black Diamond Executive

MonaVie recognized hundreds of distributor leaders at the conference who are helping MonaVie achieve that goal, including Shiro Ozono. The newest Black Diamond Executive in Japan, Shiro received his Black Diamond pin and ring from Dallin following the presentation of his documentary.

Click here to watch Shiro Ozono's Black Diamond Documentary.

Shiro expressed gratitude to the MonaVie Executive Team, his organization, and especially to the hundreds of Japanese distributors who traveled to the conference despite a major typhoon that struck Japan two days earlier. Shiro also encouraged everyone to do what they can to make it to the MonaVie International Convention in 2010.

New Royal Black Diamond: Kyoko Akiyama

In less than a year, Kyoko Akiyama has quickly climbed the ranks to become the first Royal Black Diamond in Japan. Dallin presented her with US$100,000 check.

Kyoko declared her commitment to stay in MonaVie for life and to spread the word of MonaVie throughout the world, "We can work together to achieve success here in Asia and then spread that success to the rest of the world."

Merritts Motivate the Crowd

Crowne Black Diamond Executives Steve and Gina Merritt are certainly traveling the world to share the excitement of MonaVie.

In their own style, Steve and Gina told distributors to simplify their business by not getting caught up in all the details. The best way to success is to remain focused on helping others and allowing the products, with its great benefits, to speak for themselves.

While MonaVie continues to diligently work toward bringing the full lineup of products to international markets, the Merritts reminded distributors at the Asia Pacific Conference that they achieved the rank of Black Diamond Executive by distributing a single bottle of juice.

Dallin closed the meeting by expressing the company's commitment to continue to do the right things for the right reason. Much like Erik Weihenmayer, who became the only blind man in history to reach the world's highest peak—Mount Everest—MonaVie will continue to set goals to achieve what no other direct selling company has before and to become a US$20 billion company by 2020.

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