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Feb 1, 2012

Play the RVLution Game Show and Win!

Introducing the all-new RVLution Game Show—a fun and interactive way to introduce the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution!

Be entertained and informed as RVLution Game Show host Tom Walker leads two onscreen contestants in playing the game. Interspersed throughout the 20-minute game show is important information on MonaVie RVL products and the RVLution, as well as multiple opportunities for you—the viewer—to participate by answering certain questions. Viewers are then invited to submit their answers on the MonaVie Facebook Fan page for a chance to win an exclusive MonaVie Pedometer.*

To view the RVLution Game Show, log into your Virtual Office and click “90-Day RVLution Game Show Video” in the Document Library.

To submit your answers to the RVLution Game Show questions, simply go to the MonaVie Facebook Fan page and click the “RVLution Game Show” tab on the left-hand side of the page.

The RVLution Game Show is a great way to introduce the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution to new prospects at your MVP Home Tasting Parties.

Have fun with it!

* See Official Rules on the MonaVie Facebook page.

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