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Oct 11, 2013

New TouchPoint App Puts Your MonaVie Business in the Palm of Your Hand

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity! So, ask prepared are you to share the MonaVie opportunity at a moment’s notice?

Are your flipcharts up-to-date? Can you recall all those key product science points? And, the compensation plan—can you describe the nine ways to earn income without peeking?

The new MonaVie TouchPoint app affords you the luxury of saying ‘yes!’ to each of these questions because MonaVie TouchPoint puts your business in the palm of your hand!

How would you like to have Mark Macdonald or Dr. Shawn Talbott with you every time you give a presentation? What about having all the most current sales tools and flipcharts at the touch of a finger? Wouldn’t you like to have access to a different sales tool for every situation?

Now you can.

MonaVie TouchPoint makes it even easier to take your business with you wherever you go and get to the next level. Try it, and watch your business grow!


Digital content keeps you updated
This media rich app, downloaded right to your tablet, puts your whole MonaVie business in the palm of your hand, allowing you to customize your presentations, play informational videos, listen to inspirational messages from top leaders, and download sales tools. And, all the content is digital! You’ll automatically get the most up-to-date tools every time you synch the app. No more purchasing the latest updates.

Helpful media tags and notes
With TouchPoint, you also get media tags and PDFs with presentations to help you answer questions and give your prospects exactly the information they are asking for. Plus, you’ll be able to digitally draw right on the presentation for a more personal one-on-one experience. Circle or highlight key aspects, add notes and personalized messages, then save and send the entire presentation to your contact to keep the discussion moving forward.

Access to MVP Lifelong Learning
You also gain access to all the newest MVP Lifelong Learning content. Available automatically every month, you can download the latest messages from top distributors and coaches and then bring them with you to listen and learn while on the go. In fact, the complete Lifelong Learning library is available on TouchPoint so you can listen to all your past favorites.

Only $5 a month with MVP Lifelong Learning
The TouchPoint app is free until Monday, October 21, to give you the jumpstart you need. From there, you can add TouchPoint to your monthly MVP Lifelong Learning subscription for an additional $5. That means you get TouchPoint and the Lifelong Learning Premium subscription, which includes the bonus disc and book of the month, for just $34.99. Or, you can opt for the basic subscription for $19.99 a month, which includes four CDs in the mail plus access to TouchPoint.

How to purchase TouchPoint:
· Log into your Virtual Office.
· Click on “Lifelong Learning” in the top menu.
· Select the MVP Lifelong Learning subscription package that’s right for you.

For current MVP Lifelong Learning subscribers, the price of TouchPoint is only $5 to upgrade. Simply adjust your AutoShip profile by adding the Lifelong Learning package you currently subscribe to with the TouchPoint option included. (Don’t forget to remove the old Lifelong Learning SKU from your AutoShip profile.)

Downloading and Logging Into TouchPoint
MonaVie TouchPoint is available for most iPad, iPad Mini, and Android tablets. After you’ve made your purchase, visit your tablet device’s app store and search for “MonaVie TouchPoint” to download the app. You may log into your new app using your Distributor ID and password.

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