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Jul 16, 2012

New Ruby Executives—Tom and Rachel Alderson

Congratulations to Tom and Rachel Alderson from Fargo, North Dakota, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I would honestly say that our journey to Ruby was met while trying to help our friends ‘get on the boat.’ Tom and I had such a fantastic time on the first Cruise for Gold. When we heard there would be a second, we simply knew we did not want to miss it. But, we also knew we wanted our team members on that boat with us. We are very happy to say three couples from our MonaVie team will be joining us!

“We have four fantastic children ranging in ages from seven months to 12 years old. Between their activities, our family business, and full-time jobs, we decided to make MonaVie a priority. Being too busy was not an excuse that was going to hold us back. We are goal-oriented people, and when we decided to go for Ruby we were all in! You see, prior to the Cruise for Gold, Tom and I had not been on vacation in over 13 years (our last trip was for our honeymoon). Going on that cruise was so awe inspiring and motivating that we decided we would not miss another one, not to mention the opportunity to travel to Israel! I mean, can you say once-in-a-lifetime trip? By September 2013, we will have gone on three trips with Monavie—all for free! MonaVie is making our dream of traveling a reality!

“Want to know how we did it? Plug in, plug in, plug in! Listen to the Monday and Tuesday night calls. Be in contact with your up/downline. Keep your calendar busy. If you don’t personally have anything scheduled, go with someone from your downline and help them with a home business review or turn their one-on-ones into two-on-ones. Use the tools! They work, so you don’t have to work as hard. Not to mention, they are amazing!

“A simple ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem to be enough for a fantastic team and amazing leadership from Angela Bruer-Balouch, Scott and Renita Brannan, and Holly and Corbin Roush. You’ve helped us change our family’s perspective on what is possible for our lives and taught us to dream again. We are all in and can’t wait to work toward our next goal of a third cruise and Emerald. We plan on bringing more of our friends, so who is ready to get on the boat!”


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