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Jan 6, 2014

New Ruby Executives—Debra and Rod Kurtz

Congratulations to Debra and Rod Kurtz from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our MonaVie journey has been incredible! Although we’ve been in the direct selling industry for many years, it wasn’t until Fall 2013 that we came to realize how important it was to be with the right team.

“Our upline, new Diamond Executives Dean and Lori Runzer, have really taught us what it means to not only build a team but be part of a team. They have actively involved themselves in our business and were instrumental in our run to achieve Ruby. The guidance they offered helped us stay focused, and that is now something we can pass on to our team.

“What we love most about MonaVie is not just the ability to impact people’s health and finances in a positive way, but to really impact their long-term future. Our goal is to help more and more people see that their dreams, even though they might be a little dusty, are still achievable. And, that they should never give up! And, that’s our story; it’s a never give up story; a finish what you start story. We know Ruby Executive is just a stepping stone toward greater achievements in our MonaVie business.”

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