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May 7, 2014

New Ruby Executive Robert Niebla—Teamwork Builds Success

Congratulations to Robert Niebla from Palm Springs, Florida, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

Make a Goal, Set a Date
"After going to the Winners Advance Convention in Atlanta and Las Vegas earlier this year, I came back with great motivation to grow my business. I heard many inspirational testimonies and helpful tips that inspired me to continue to share this great opportunity with everyone I know. I met with my upline and sponsors, Carlos Concheso, Pedro Malagon and Erica Pavon, and I committed to a date when I wanted to achieve the rank of Ruby Executive, to assure that they were all aware of my goal. It was very important to me that my upline was involved; that way they could hold me accountable and continue to keep me motivated throughout the process.

One for All, All For One
"My entire team helped me to be successful. We consistently have HBR's every night of the week, which allows for us to invite new guests and share the opportunity with them in a fun environment. I helped my downline to achieve their goals by assisting them with HBR's, 1-on-1's, etc. We all helped each other to achieve our goals and continue to grow our MonaVie family each and every day.

Work Hard, Play Hard
"MonaVie is unique to me because of the family environment. I have received so much support from not only my team but from the North America team as well. I have worked many jobs in my lifetime and I have never experienced such a welcoming and supportive environment like the one MonaVie has provided for my family and I. Another thing that is great about MonaVie is that they reward you for all of your hard work. I am very excited to go to the Ruby Fly-In with my family and introduce them to our North America team! It makes me very proud to be a part of this amazing company who prides themselves on recognizing and rewarding others for their success

My Advice to You Future Ruby Executives
"My advice would be to make sure that your upline is aware of both your short-term and long-term goals with the company and that you are aware of your downline’s goals as well. That way, your entire team helps each other to achieve success. As far as training, my biggest advice would be to plug into MonaVie's MVP System. I listen to the CDs every single day in my car, which helps me stay motivated and learn valuable tips to be more successful.

What Matters Most
"I initially became interested in MonaVie for the health benefits of the products. Shortly after, I began to see the changes in my entire family's health and realized that there was a huge business opportunity that I couldn't miss out on. I can now share these products with friends and family and spend more time at home doing the things that matter most to me. I have been blessed by this opportunity and look forward to blessing others along the way."

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