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Jul 24, 2012

New Royal Black Diamonds—Calvin and Shannon Becerra

Congratulations to Calvin and Shannon Becerra from Corona, California, on achieving the rank of Royal Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“My journey to Royal Black Diamond in MonaVie has been quite an adventure. I say adventure because it was truly a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, eventually arriving at its destination. Although, the ride is not done; we still have a much bigger adventure in front of us. Our goal is to continue our journey with the MonaVie 20-year vision as our destination: a $20 billion company in 20 years.

“When I started MonaVie in late 2007, I had no idea what to expect. This was my very first experience in this industry. I can tell you I was excited and nervous at the same time. I have always held onto the fact that everything I have ever done, I have been successful at because of the mere fact that I have never quit. It doesn't matter whether I’m having a good week or bad week, if a group of people leave my organization, or that a person I have been working on getting into my business says ‘No.’ I have been able to take these obstacles as learning experiences. I have accepted them as a challenge that God has put in front of me to test me, and I have always been able to go from failure to failure without a lack of enthusiasm.

“I achieved a huge amount of success my first year in MonaVie, achieving the rank of Black Diamond Executive. I remember investing all of my time into the business as a 26-year-old entrepreneur. I was doing all the meetings, all the trainings, all the one on ones, all the product sharing, and all the traveling. The ‘I’ became the business, instead of the true way of building a business through leverage and through what duplicates. This would lead to the devastation of my business as I knew it. I fell all the way back to Ruby/Emerald rank because of the simple fact that I built my business off of a single personality. When the ‘I’ was gone, so were the activities in my team and business.

“I could have given up. I could have left and went to ‘the next best thing’ or ‘the next MonaVie’ and followed the line of distributors from my organization to ‘where the grass is greener,’ and what would eventually be their demise. But, I didn't. Fortunately, I met Randy Schroeder and learned that the grass is always greener where you decide to water it. I chose to water my lawn at MonaVie. And today it is ever so ripe with the brightest green colors. Of course, seasons come and go and the color fluctuates back and forth with every season, but every year it gets healthier and strong enough to withstand any future natural disaster.

“Randy Schroeder is my mentor, and I give credit to him for engaging the leaders of my organization in a process of a proven predictable pattern of activities that resulted in duplication of these same activities into the deepest depths of their businesses. Two years ago I made the decision to let a process work for me, instead of a single personality, and that has made all the difference. This process today is known as the MVP system. The success of my business today has not a single thing to do with me, but everything to do with this process. In this business, it's not about what works, it's about what duplicates and that is evident in my business. Shannon and I are Royal Black Diamonds today because of our team. The leaders of our organization submit to the process. They do not rely on their singular personalities. They understand that every single thing they do from the first minute they meet a new prospect to enrolling that prospect and plugging them into the process is showing that prospect how to do this business. That is the most important thing. 

“To be able to take our business from the gutter to the top shelf was not easy. It was difficult to get the egos of distributors to conform to a process, but once this task was accomplished, the sun began to beam through the clouds. With time and effort the process spread from distributor to distributor and results became evident. Distributors began to finally understand what Randy Schroeder meant when he said, ‘It's not about doing it well; it’s about doing more of it,’ and more of it they ALL did.

“I never engaged in what we call management mode. I never only solely relied on a team I had. Instead, I always focused on the team I will have. I did this by always keeping myself in recruiting mode. Meaning, I am always sponsoring new distributors into my organization. I sponsor at least one new person a week through relationships that I build locally, online, or when I am traveling. I use the process I have learned to focus on this task each week. Mastering this has set me free.

“Today I am 31 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife of almost two years, Shannon. We have two beautiful daughters, Teagan (2) and Londyn (8 months). I also have two stepchildren with Shannon, Kaden (9) and Presley (6). MonaVie has sent us on trips around the world and has given us a lifestyle that most can only dream about. Shannon is able to be a full time mother for our children, and I am able to spend every waking hour with them when I am home. Our goal is to get as many people on our team this same lifestyle, and we are determined to do this. I am 100 percent loyal and committed to my team every single day. We operate as one body, and we have all achieved this rank of Royal Black Diamond together.

“Shannon and I first give all the glory to God for what we have. We have listened and stayed strong in our faith. Next we would like to thank our entire team of distributors from all around the world. You guys got us here, and nothing else. Thank you for being trusting hearts over the years. We would like to thank two close members of our upline, Todd and Angelique Hartog, for believing in and supporting us. I would like to thank some other members not in our upline but in our MonaVie community: Brig and Lita Hart, who helped us build our name in the industry and gave us a platform to do it; Randy and Blake Schroeder for investing so much time into me and into distributors; Dallin and Karree, Randy, Henry, Dell, and the entire management team for keeping MonaVie that Five Star company that everyone around the world talks about; Alex Grapov from MonaVie Support at corporate, one of the most responsive and hardest working people I have ever met; Shannon’s parents, Kip and Julie, for always supporting us in everything we do; my twin brother, Brandon, for building up a competitive side in me since we were young kids; my mom for giving me an upbringing that never involved quitting, no matter what the circumstance; and, finally, my father and stepmother, Gilbert and Lydia, for encouraging me and building me up. Dad, whenever you find me, good day or bad, you keep me going and pushing through all the uphill climbs and blazing sprints. Thank you, all!”

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