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May 7, 2012

New Royal Black Diamond Executives—Todd and Angelique Hartog

Congratulations to Todd and Angelique Hartog from Corona, California, on achieving the rank of Royal Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“We became Black Diamonds in four months, and four and a half years later we are Royal Black Diamonds. We stayed the course and kept our belief in MonaVie and the Five-Star Opportunity. We weathered some storms and heard distractions all around us but kept looking forward. We wrote our Royal date down in pencil and erased it many, many times until finally we didn’t have to erase it anymore. Here is how we did it and how you can do it too!

“Two and a half years ago, we jumped out of the warm bath and directly into the cold shower. We decided to surrender and allow ourselves to be mentored by Randy Schroeder. My entire team was drawn to his teachings and trainings, and we became a conduit to the system. Randy taught the most important skill in the industry—the skill to invite. We listened to The Invitation 90 times in 90 days. He said we had to master this.

“Randy said that it’s all about keeping up a rapid flow of distributor applications with first orders. He also taught us the four income-generating activities: 1.) Build and grow your candidate list. 2.) Contact and invite. 3.) Share the products and plan. 4.) Follow up, enroll everyone on AutoShip, and get them started if they want to engage the business. We learned how to ‘let the tool talk’ using CDs and DVDs. It was proven and duplicated. Daily Disciplines Done Daily Builds Character (DDDDBC)!

“From there, it was all about who we could get on the Cruise for Gold trips. It was all about running for cash bonuses with our new Bronzes, Silvers, Golds, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Purple Diamonds, and White Diamonds. We took all the focus off of us, and it’s been amazing to see so much success since the MonaVie 2.0 launch in Dallas.

“Special thanks to our mentors Randy Schroeder and Paul Barrios. Thanks to our past teachers and trainers. Thanks to an awesome team who are the reason for all of our successes. Thank you, Dallin, Henry, Randy, Dell, and the entire management team. Thank you and may you rest in peace, Darrell Utterbach.

“The next five years of MonaVie 2.0 will give all of us an advantage if we decide to participate—everything from products and MVP to the new President of North America and Europe Randy Schroeder. We didn’t want to be left out five years ago when we enrolled in MonaVie, and we won’t be left out now. MonaVie is going to take a huge chunk out of the $100 billion-dollar-a-year wonder that is the direct selling industry. We will change lives worldwide. There is a better way, and we have to go tell everyone we know about MonaVie and community commerce. We are the messengers, and the message is better health and wealth.

“This has been an epic five-year journey. Staying loyal to our commitments has ‘Royally’ paid off: $5.5 million and growing, driving free Mercedes (four so far). We’ve been all over the world building the business and on free trips to Hawaii, Tahiti, the Caribbean, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Mexico; and, we’re going to Switzerland, Alaska, and Africa within the next two years! Going to Brazil into the Amazon Rainforest to see the miles and miles of acai berry trees and to see how the MORE Project is making a difference was life changing. We decided from day one that if MonaVie blesses us, we will bless the MORE Project. 

“We have been building teams in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Israel, India, U.K., Canada, Thailand, Germany, France, and other countries in Europe. Over 60 percent of our business is still in the U.S. With Randy Schroeder as the new President of North America and Europe, I encourage everyone to follow his leadership. He understands us distributors and what it will take to build and rebuild our MonaVie businesses as we evolve in this industry. His methods are proven, tried, and tested. He can show you how you can make money quickly and permanently.”

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