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Jan 7, 2013

New Royal Black Diamond Executive—Randy Schroeder

Congratulations to Randy Schroeder from Encinitas, California, on achieving the rank of Royal Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“A More Meaningful Life. If one fully implements and then lives out the 7 Pillars of MVP, A More Meaningful Life is the outcome. The Pillars?

1. Community. All of humankind yearns to be a part of something bigger than oneself. Full integration in the MVP community will be an outcome of acting upon the other six pillars. The MVP community is inclusive, nurturing, challenging, and loving. It is true that none of us are as smart or talented as all of us. Become a ‘part of’ MVP.

2. Tools. If I (or you) talk, we have a job. If a tool is talking on our behalves, we have a duplicable business methodology.

3. Training. Tools do not work; people do! The best tools in the world are of little use minus practical guidance on how to properly utilize each tool.

4. Motivation. Here is a simple truth: Our business practices are easy to do and understand. What must occur for each of us is that we gain new willingness to do that which we know how to do and want to do, but do not. In the MVP community, we learn, grow, develop, and become. The result? New willingness or motivation.

5. Inspiration. My favorite quote is from Augustin of Hippo: “God made man for himself, and man will be restless until he rests in God.” I find this to be true of me, and so I think it must be true of others as well. In the MVP community, we invite all to develop a deeper relationship with God as each individual understands God.

6. A Calendar of Events. There is a right way to do everything in our business. And, there is a right time to do it. Learn and climb the ‘ladder of escalation.’

7. Financial Literacy. My greatest hope is that each person who joins our community begins on day one to break the mold of borrow and spend, which dominates our society. Making money is one thing; having money is quite another. Creating wealth is yet another skill that can be developed.

“A More Meaningful Life? An educated, motivated, and inspired individual will develop positive relationships. An educated, motivated, and inspired individual who has positive relationships, optimal health, and a positive financial situation would seem well on the way to a meaning life. I am blessed to have the life components here described. I love my life. I wish the same for you!”

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