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Mar 30, 2012

New Royal Black Diamond Executives—Bob and Linda Robinson

Congratulations to Bob and Linda Robinson from Southwest Ranches, Florida, on achieving the rank of Royal Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“This business is all about relationships, showing up into people’s lives, learning about your leaders, learning about their families, and creating relationships that will last forever. When we first got started, I was an electrician and Linda owned a small vending machine business. When we were first approached about MonaVie, we had no idea what it was. All we knew was our friends, Charlie and Debbie Kalb, were in, and he didn’t really give us a choice.

“After our health truly changed for the better, we knew we needed to tell some people about this. As we did, our business started to grow very quickly. We found it very easy to get out there and tell people about MonaVie because we did it with excitement. We learned that excitement will sponsor more people than knowledge ever will. Linda and I had never had any formal education after high school, so we just ran with the excitement and knew we had something very special in our hands.

“One night, we were going lobstering down in South Florida. My nephew, Devin Robinson, came over and saw this bottle of what he thought was wine sitting on our counter. I showed him a quick video and he says, ‘Oh my gosh! That is the most exciting thing I have ever seen!’ He literally made me sign him up before we left the house to go lobstering.

“From there a hurricane came through South Florida, and I had a barn roof put back on because of it. He didn’t look like a Black Diamond that day, but it was Black Diamond Grayson Maule who put our barn roof back on, and we shared MonaVie with him. We had a crew in the neighborhood picking up debris from the hurricane that ran over our mailbox. We went out to discuss that with them and met Black Diamonds Jason and Carrie Lyons and Black Diamonds Bryan and Jackie Thayer.

“We contacted some friends we hadn’t spoken to in a long time and told them about the business. They kind of ran and hid and didn’t take our phone calls for a while, but we were finally able to get through to them. And, now Steve and Gina Merritt are Crowne Black Diamonds. You never know what turns your business is going to take or why. We just went with whatever situation was put in front of us.

“We built a team within a two-hour radius of our home so that I could get home from work at five o’clock, grab a quick shower, jump in the car, drive for two hours, set up the banners, plug in the video, show the plan at 7:30 p.m., and be done and out of their house by 9 p.m. We continued that until we became Black Diamonds. The guys at work used to laugh at me and say, ‘Bob, I can’t believe how hard you work.’ And, I would always reply, ‘Guys, I can’t believe how long you’re going to.’

“We had great mentors that kept us moving in the right direction with Brig and Lita Hart, Frank and Cindy Soucinek, and Charlie and Debbie Kalb. Surround yourself with likeminded people who have dreams and aspirations that can’t be fulfilled at their present job. As Brig has always said, ‘Teach them by showing them.’ As the leader, you’ve got to set the pace in your business. You be the example for your team. Management is doing the right thing; leadership is knowing the right thing to do. If you’re asking people to show the plan and contact people, then that is exactly what you need to be doing. And, as Linda always says, ‘Take your eyes off yourself and place them on other people. Help others succeed, and then you will succeed yourself.’

“Sign up for a subscription to the new MVP Lifelong Learning because leaders are readers. Ask your upline Black Diamond leaders what books they are reading so you can get on the same page as them. A leader reads 15–20 minutes a day on a consistent basis. Leaders need to be the first ones to sign up for the next event. Attend an MVP Regional Meeting or Convention in St. Louis. Be the first one to sign up for an event as soon as it is available. That way, you can promote and get your team there. Get as many from your team there as you possibly can, so you can get your team around the excitement. Major decisions to build this business and to move on to the next level happen at major events.

“If you want more choices in life, you’re probably going to have to do something that you have never done. Because doing what you have done has gotten you where you are; and, if you want something different, then you’re going to have to change. Our lives have changed physically as well as financially since getting into MonaVie. One of the greatest changes in our life is the amount that we have been able to give back to organizations like the MORE Project and some ministries that we believe in. Giving is a hot button for Linda, and she loves to help the children in Brazil. It’s a big part of our lives to be able to give it away and give back. Before MonaVie, we were never able to give at the level we do now.

“I encourage you to set goals and commit them to paper. If you haven’t set a date on reaching your next level and written it down, then you’re really missing out. Our next goal is Presidential Black Diamond; we have already set a date for it!”


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