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Sep 23, 2013

New Purple Diamond Executives—Colombo and Karen DiSalvatore

Congratulations to Colombo and Karen DiSalvatore, from Manchester, Connecticut, on achieving the rank of Purple Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“We have been involved with MonaVie for about five and a half years. We were attracted to this business because we believed in the networking concept, and we were intrigued with the fantastic products and compensation plan. We loved seeing the heart of MonaVie and its commitment to the MORE Project.

“We achieved the rank of Blue Diamond in our first year and have enjoyed the benefits of that rank and what it brought to us. We have seen changes over the years. Some changes brought struggles; other changes made us stronger. We never lost sight of our dreams, however.

“We more recently began a quest to increase our activity and results. We have a terrific team, and we have terrific upline partners in Lance and Tracey Smith and Mike and Linda McCormick. We decided that if MonaVie creates a new millionaire every 25 days, maybe we can break a new Gold every 25 days. We started a game plan with our best friends, new Blue Diamonds Jim and Sandy Minneo.

“We drew out the teams and did an evaluation of the players. We looked for people who wanted to move on, who had integrity and character, who were willing to work hard alongside us, and who could get results when we were not there. We found distributors and couples that had dreams and wanted to move on with us. We did not take the summer off. We worked, set goals, and participated in the MonaVie corporate promotions, which enhanced our plans of breaking a new Gold every 25 days.

“The summer progressed and we had developed some good momentum. We broke new Golds ahead of schedule. We broke new Emeralds, Rubies, Silvers, and on. Our good friends, Jim and Sandy, progressed to Diamond and Blue Diamond. Because of this growth, many on our team became excited. They caught the energy. They saw progress, and it increased their own belief. We had created a wave that not only created lots of rank advancements within our group; it propelled us to Purple Diamond.

“We are excited and humbled at the same time. We always remember what a dear friend Zig Ziglar said, ‘If you help enough other people get what they want out of life, you will get what you want.’ We honestly had not set the goal of Purple Diamond for us. We were amazed, actually, at the tremendous explosion we experienced that did move us to this new rank.

“We are looking toward the future with great expectations and confidence in MonaVie, the wonderful corporate leaders, and the team we have. We pray others out there feel the same and join this wonderful world of MonaVie with us. We love touching peoples’ lives and helping them with health, wealth, and the personal growth that comes from associating with dreamers and winners. The MVP system is a key factor in building big teams. We have our family and lots of our friends involved. We know MonaVie has helped us lead A More Meaningful Life, and we feel like we are just getting started!”

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