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Jan 22, 2013

New Presidential Black Diamonds—Calvin and Shannon Becerra

Congratulations to Calvin and Shannon Becerra from Corona, California, on achieving the rank of Presidential Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“We had a very big 2012 with so many goals for our team. I personally traveled the country and then the world to meet with teammates to write down their goals and capture their visions before the New Year. We committed to accomplishing these goals before the New Year, and we were all determined to put 100 percent into this business every day for 90 days. Most people don’t put 100 percent into this business on any day of the year. Some people ran with us and achieved the success they envisioned, and some didn’t choose to run at all; it was a choice up for grabs. Just the taste of accomplishment can keep someone in this business for a few more months, years, or a lifetime. I want my team to have this taste year in and year out.

“Of course, some who chose not to work and who failed to get the taste of accomplishment can get negative, and some may choose to leave this business. But this business is about seasons. New people come and go just like the leaves on the trees outside. I am happy for everyone who decides to take the journey with us for a better, healthier, more abundant, and more meaningful life with MonaVie. Whether someone is here for a lifetime or just a short while, all are our friends forever.

“In five years of being with MonaVie, I have found that the money means nothing anymore when the bills are all paid. What is most important is the time MonaVie gives me and my family to live our life on our own terms and on no one else’s. We have what all families dream of: we have each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shannon gets to stay at home and be a beautiful mother to the kids, and I am able to mentor, coach, council, love, and to console my kids at all times. This is something that most households do not have because of the stress of everyday life. This is what we want to bring to every household and every friend we meet.

“We thank God for looking over our family, friends, and business day in and day out. This business helps us stay strong in our faith as a family. We are determined to do this for life, and we are determined to stay committed to our team. We are not going anywhere, and we see MonaVie growing every single day. The best is yet to come, and MonaVie continues to surprise us every single season.”

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