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Jun 4, 2012

New Presidential Black Diamond Executive—Onyx Coale

Congratulations to Onyx Coale from Delray Beach, Florida, on achieving the rank of Presidential Black Diamond Executive. Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I am a single mom from South Florida who has been a distributor of MonaVie products for more than six years. MonaVie is my first network marketing company, and MonaVie is my last network marketing company. MonaVie offers the best of everything: amazing products, a lucrative compensation plan, effective tools, the best corporate team, the best owners, and the most amazing community of distributors. I give thanks for my MonaVie family every day!

“When I started in this business, I was so excited about the product and the opportunity. I would go running up to my friends and scare them with too much information and way too much excitement. Let’s just say that I was bad at this business! I knew that if I wanted to impact others, I needed to change. Like most women, I love to talk. Yet, to be a success, I had to learn how to talk less and listen more. But make no mistake: women were built for network marketing because we love to talk (tee hee)! It’s all about mastering the art of how much.

“So, I decided to set a goal of connecting with two people per day. I decided that no matter what life threw in front of me, I would talk to two people every day. To this day—six and a half years into the business—I still talk to two people every day. I believe that mastering the skill of inviting is the single most important skill you want to develop in network marketing. The better you get at inviting and the more consistently you do it, the larger your business will grow. And now, with the new First Look CDs, inviting just got a whole lot easier!

“If you want to be a success in MonaVie, my suggestion is to simply decide what your number is. Choose to connect with two or three people every day. Some days you may do more; consider that a bonus day! My best advice is simple: No matter how big your rank gets, no matter how long you are in this business, never stop talking to at least two people a day. It’s that consistency that has allowed my business to grow and grow in spite of what may be happening in my personal life and in spite of a poor economy! 

“Each and every day, I speak with two people about MonaVie. Each and every day, I follow up with previous contacts because the fortune is in the follow-up. Each and every day, I give thanks for MonaVie! Connect with me on Facebook, and it will be my pleasure to help you. It is my honor to be in business with each of you! Big FAT hugs!”

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