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Sep 10, 2012

New MyMonaVie: Streamlined and Free!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have streamlined your MyMonaVie website. Best of all, we are making it completely free!

That’s right! Say goodbye to monthly and yearly subscriptions. Everyone will have free access to personalize and manage their own MyMonaVie.

To access your new MyMonaVie site, just log into your Virtual Office, mouse over VO Tools, and click on “My Website.” If you don’t already have a MyMonaVie, you will be prompted to create one, and in a manner of minutes you will have your own website to drive friends and customers to. 

Clean, simple web design
The new MyMonaVie has a simple design that will help potential distributors quickly and efficiently learn about the MonaVie opportunity and products, and to connect with you.

By keeping the main design clear and clean, we expect the site to become usable by the widest possible audience. Everyone from experienced web surfers to new adopters will find the site appealing, giving you the opportunity to connect with more people around the world or around the corner—anytime, all the time.

Additional features:

  • Tied directly to all the same content found at
  • Step-by-step web design to easily engage and enroll new prospects
  • Distributor ID attached to product purchases and enrollments

Enjoy your new and free MyMonaVie!

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