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Jun 25, 2012

New Gold Executives—Shonre and Amber Swift


Congratulations to Shonre and Amber Swift from San Diego, California, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our road to Gold started January of 2009 with a call from Shonre’s father about a business opportunity and some juice. Shonre is always open to new ways of generating income, and at that moment he was looking more than ever as he was a victim of the real estate crash. The need to supplement his monthly income because of the sudden decrease in home loans easily convinced him to attend a local meeting. Shonre has had sleepless nights ever since: his mind remains excited about the possibilities of this amazing business opportunity! 

“When she was introduced to MonaVie, Amber had no idea what her father-in-law and future husband had up their sleeves because they kept it a secret for nearly three months. At the open meeting Shonre attended, he saw that MonaVie was a solid, billion-dollar company that provides everyday people who have dreams with a vehicle to live the above-average lifestyle that we’ve all been chasing. Shonre came home with a bottle of juice and used Amber as his guinea pig to test the product’s value. After consuming the bottle of MonaVie Active, she experienced clear benefits that enhanced her daily life. Amber immediately fell in love with the product!

“Shonre enrolled with a case of Active and the desire to begin building a business, but Amber refused to become the ‘juice salesman.’ Obviously, she was naive and uneducated about community commerce. It was at that point Shonre took her to an open meeting to open her eyes to the possibilities. After falling in love with the product and seeing people who were making money and bringing those lost dreams back into the light, we began to build our MonaVie business.

“Our journey of building MonaVie has not been easy, nor would we want it any other way. Shonre had four jobs in a two-year period, which hurt us financially. We lost our immediate upline to another company, and we have had to overcome events that life continually throws at us. However, we made a commitment to attend all local events, all major functions, stay on AutoShip, host tasting parties in our home, always have product to share, and never stop introducing people to this opportunity. In an effort to keep our commitment, we had 12 garage sales, sold a car, canceled cable service, eliminated mall outings, postponed many social gatherings, picked up a paper route in addition to our full-time jobs, and continued to still build our business. We were, and remain, completely committed.

“We have attended ALL MonaVie functions, with each one changing our lives. One event we attended in Orlando spoke about making your home life right. We were encouraged to better our life through God and got married seven days after returning home from this event. This year in Dallas, however, is when MonaVie moved 100% from our heads to our hearts. We were exposed to the new MVP system that has removed the guesswork by providing a proven, predictable pattern of activities to achieve all of our family’s goals.

“In addition to the system, we have been blessed with the amazing leadership of our upline, Conrad and Jill Padilla and Paul and Dru Barrios. Without the leadership and mentoring from these couples, our MonaVie business wouldn’t be where it is today. We were also immensely privileged to join Randy and Tara Schroeder for dinner along with Black Diamonds Frank and Cindy Soucinek, as well as Blake Schroeder. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It showed us what was possible! And, of course, our amazing and ambitious team, who have all become lifelong friends, have made this journey priceless for us. It is so true—MonaVie is more than a bottle of juice!

“We feel truly blessed to have been introduced to MonaVie because we now have hope that working a nine-to-five job for 40+ years is not our only option. The personal growth we have achieved with MonaVie has been more fulfilling than our corporate jobs could ever provide us. Achieving the rank of Gold is a milestone accomplishment for us, but it is only one of the many goals we still have in MonaVie. The Cruise for Gold fires us up more now than ever to continue to learn, grow, serve, and show all of our family and friends that achieving these dreams are possible if you are willing to make the small sacrifices along the way. Come join us. We are just getting started!”

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