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Jun 25, 2012

New Gold Executives—John Linkous and Katie Shorma

Congratulations to John Linkous and Katie Shorma from Northfield, Minnesota, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I was put into the MonaVie business by my dad and, I humbly believe, by my Father in Heaven while serving in the mission field in Tanzania. I found out, briefly, that I had been put into this ‘jungle juice business’ a week or so later once I made it back to an internet café in Nairobi, Kenya; and finally, I realized that this company was called MonaVie. I began to learn about this amazing line of products and business opportunity in Calcutta, India, which was my next stop in the mission field. 

“My first taste of the juice did not come until a couple months later when I returned home from the field sick with an intestinal parasite. My dad’s first words as we finally walked in the door around 3 a.m. were, ‘Get this boy some juice!’ I’ve been faithfully drinking the juice (as well as RVL and EMV as they came along) ever since that moment. Along the way, I’ve fallen in love with the amazingly superior quality of these products, integrity and vision of the leadership, endless possibilities and sustainability of the business opportunity, and quality of the individuals we have had the privilege to get to know and work with on our MonaVie journey.

“As the Son does nothing apart from the Father, so have I done nothing in MonaVie apart from my dad. To Jesus be the glory in all things and to my dad be the credit for my MonaVie success for his leading, persevering, enthusiasm, motivating, and assistance. A special acknowledgement also goes to new Blue Diamonds, Stan and Claudia Simpson, who have been there every step of the way since our family began to build this business. Reaching Gold absolutely would not have been possible without the personal investment of our new Presidential Black Diamond, Onyx Coale, who goes above and beyond to serve and assist all the ‘little guys’ on her team, including me. Finally, I, as have so many others, have been greatly inspired by the leadership of Steve Merritt, Matt Curtis, Charlie Kalb, and Brig Hart, among countless others.

“Not long after I proposed to Katie, we realized this upcoming Cruise for Gold was scheduled for the week right after we are going to get married. I told her I’ve always envisioned starting marriage with my wife on a ‘mission.’ We set the goal to go Gold, and my beautiful bride-to-be and I thank MonaVie for our honeymoon cruise, which will forever remain a luxurious symbol of our desire to make a living and a life serving others in their physical, financial, and spiritual needs! What a great way to start our lives together! And, now that the real talent—my better half—is on the team, I am confident that our best days with MonaVie will always be yet to come. Thank you, MonaVie!”

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