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Jul 2, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Carlos and Dena Concheso

Congratulations to Carlos and Dena Concheso from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“After experiencing a series of health-related issues, my primary doctor asked me one day if I had ever heard of MonaVie. I replied, ‘Mona-who?’ I had no idea what MonaVie was, and believe it or not we live about 20 minutes away from Steve and Gina Merritt. That should tell you how important it is not to assume that people know about this blessing.

“On January 27, 2011, I was visiting one of my clients and saw a bottle of MonaVie Active on his desk. (God is awesome!) So, I asked him how I could order some. He put me in contact with John Ksiazek that same day. I remember John pouring some juice in a cup and waiting for him to drink it first; what if it was poison?

“After a few minutes with John, I felt like we were family. That same night, I was at his dinner table with his wife, Tamra, having tacos. During dinner, they invited me to an Open Meeting and I said, ‘No way; I can’t.’ But, suddenly I changed my mind when I saw Matt and Kim Curtis picking us up in their Rolls Royce. I said to myself then, ‘Ok, I'll go for the ride.’

“Dena was so mad at the beginning. She couldn’t understand how I was going to squeeze in one more task in addition to already working 70+ hours a week. I asked her to please trust me. Little did she know that just about 10 months later, we were able to replace her income at her 13-year career at a hospital. That was always a dream of ours, but we couldn’t afford it. Now, she gets to stay home with our boys, Joey (13) and Marcos (6), and we are having a blast building this business together.

“In May 2012, Dena and I qualified for our first Black Tie Event in St. Louis. Royalty treatment all the way! We were also one of the top five enrollers in the country, so we get to go to Randy and Tara Schroeder’s house this summer. Priceless! We are also very excited about the Cruise for Gold this August and all the other trips coming up that we have no doubt we will qualify for.

“The people we have met in this journey are incredible. We are a huge family. We all keep each other motivated and accountable. We love every single person on our team. From my mom, Arelys, being our very first distributor, all the way to my cousins Yanelis and Yanelsy, who just enrolled in the business this evening. Dena and I want to be very clear: we couldn’t be where we are without each of them. None of us is as good as ALL of us.

“One of the things we enjoy the most about this opportunity is how we literally have people from all over the world reaching out to us on a daily basis telling us how we have inspired them, sharing their testimonials with us, asking us for advice, etc. Wow! Our advice is find out your ‘why.’ If it’s not big enough to make you cry just thinking about it, then the chances of succeeding are very small. Once you have your ‘why’ clear, then you must follow the MVP system. Get some duct tape out for your mouth, and let the tool talk! Also, make sure you keep a 1,000 PV kit in the back seat of your car at all times so you can be ready when a new distributor gets in the business. Believe us, that box after a few days there starts talking to you. A sense of urgency is key, baby!

“We could keep going on and on, but we know this is kind of long already. Please, please, please do not let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours. As our Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh says, ‘The only impossible dream is the one you've yet to dream.’ So, go out there no matter what, and create a life that you can't wait to live!”

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