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Mar 19, 2012

New Gold Executives—Bill and Margie Wittke

Congratulations to Bill and Margie Wittke from Destin, Florida, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

 “We have been very fortunate to have a basic understanding of what we were to encounter in our path. We knew that we had to do something with the economic times we face, as we are getting older and needed to secure our future. We were like a lot of folks living day to day with little ability to put away for the ‘rainy day.’ We saw MonaVie as the vehicle to that goal, and it is.

“Our upline leaders Nikolaos and Carina Bartzis and Lance and Tracy Smith have been wonderful. They have given the support and encouragement that have made all the difference. They have been there for us with the help and guidance we needed. The sales materials and information available through MonaVie is incredible. The website is professional and informative to refer prospective team members to review. All in all, MonaVie is a class organization with the staff and support that many others lack. 

“If we can give any advice to those that need this opportunity, it is to plug into motivated and active leaders in your upline. They will help you model the pattern to success. We have the company support with incredible products and a marketing plan that will give us the opportunity to achieve any goals we may have. Just go for it!”

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