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Apr 16, 2012

New Gold Executive—Roscoe Hix

Congratulations to Roscoe Hix from Lewiston, Idaho, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“My brother introduced me to MonaVie in November of 2008. The juice changed my life.
I was feeling better than I had in many years, and I felt passionate about helping others feel the same way. I offered everyone I knew the opportunity to taste the product and see the business.
After creating a partnership with a lifelong friend, we grew the business together for about a year.

“Then life threw me a curveball, and I had to change my priorities for a while. But, because I had a strong base—and by the grace of God—my business kept growing even though I couldn’t participate. My life has now settled down, and I’m ready to reengage in MonaVie. I’m excited about the new products and the opportunities that are available.

“The thing that helped my success more than anything was my downline and their drive to be successful, especially my close friend and partner when I was fully engaged, Rob Henderson. 
They continued to grow even though I was unable to participate.  

“MonaVie continues to give to the people who make it great. This company is constantly looking for ways to reward the hard work of its distributors. MonaVie also continues to create and offer products that change lives. The world really is a better place with MonaVie in it.

“My one piece of advice is find your ‘why.’ The really successful people I know in this business never give up and keep their ‘why’ in front of them. Never try to get more from someone than he or she can produce. Accept the limitations of others, and stay focused on what you can do.

“MonaVie has never missed a payday in the three years I’ve been a part of the company. When I do my part and share the product and the opportunity, they do their part and put the money in my account. When it comes to business, what else could I ask for?

“MonaVie has made my life better. It has introduced me to incredible people, blessed me with better health, and offered me a tremendous financial opportunity. I know from experience that when I’m engaged and focused, my future is brighter and my life is blessed.”

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