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Aug 19, 2013

New Gold Executive—Omar Martinez

Congratulations to Omar Martinez from Huntington Park, California, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“My road to Gold had its ups and downs. I never gave up on what I believe—helping friends, others around me, and my family have good health, wealth, and freedom. We only live once, so we should all make our dreams come true and live life to its MX! Let’s not live our lives in a stressful routine—sleep, work, eat, pay bills, spend what we don’t have to impress people, and work harder the next day to pay what we owe.

“Thanks to the great help of friends and family, the word spread on what I have to offer with the MonaVie products and business opportunity. In time, I learned that I had to develop myself and learn all I can if I want to grow and perfect my art. I look back to being involved in sports all my life. Because of that, I learned discipline, commitment, teamwork, communication skills, and leadership skills. Repetition and practice will soon make it natural. MonaVie has shown me that there is always a way for my goals to be accomplished if I put hard work into my passion and make it a burning desire.

“I want to thank my dad for saying, ‘This business doesn’t make sense and it may not work, so go get a real job, save money, and go to school.’ Later on, he became the first person I sponsored, although it took some time for him to help me out, believe in me, and help me invest. He drinks the product now and will soon start doing the business himself.

“Israel, Chianty, Daniel, Fernando, Carla, and Carlos, thanks for the help and support. And, let’s not forget MonaVie Support! Wow! Thanks for all the help! Mom, and tia (Aunt) Lola, thank you. And, to all the team in Los Angeles (Mark Berry, Alfonso de Nova, Enrique Gardea, Blanca, Jose, and there are more names), thank you all! We are more than a team of friends, but a family that’s growing.”

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