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Jul 15, 2013

New Gold Executive—Mariah Prussia

Congratulations to Mariah Prussia from Fargo, North Dakota, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I am very fortunate to have strong leadership/leaders above me. I believe success is based on listening to people's stories. Once you can identify their needs, you are able to assess how MonaVie can make a difference in their quality of life along with their family and friends. You can't put a dollar value on the quality of your life.

“Besides providing phenomenal products, MonaVie really captures the true essence of health and wellness by encompassing all quadrants of health. MonaVie thrives where larger corporations fail, and that is to provide compassion, understanding and faith to each and every individual.  Hopefully in the future other companies learn and embrace MonaVie's business model, which is to help individuals grow not only financially, but spiritually and physically as well.

“MonaVie has provided me with more financial freedom as a single mother of two young boys and a business owner. No, I am not rolling in the big bucks; however, with my mindset I WILL be! I am very fortunate that a couple dear friends of mine, Renita ‘the Rock Star’ Brannan and Angela ‘Showtime’ Bruer-Balouch, approached me when I was on bed rest (mind you that was the only time they knew they could keep me down J) with MonaVie RVL. Since the moment they walked into my hospital room until now, I have focused my energy not only on MonaVie, but on essential time with my children. Thank you, ladies, as well as Kyle and Jacinta!

“Be a living, eating, breathing testament of MonaVie. Far too often individuals try to promote health and wellness without taking care of themselves. You can’t expect individuals to take you seriously if you don't take care of yourself first. Don't make excuses; make progress.”

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