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Mar 19, 2012

New Gold Executive—Marla Hart

Congratulations to Marla Hart from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Four years ago my now upline called us repeatedly, and we kept hanging up on them. Then, we gave in (to stop them from calling) and joined MonaVie. This was the beginning of becoming aware that it is okay to dream, to have goals, and to have faith.

“The road to Gold has had many ups and downs. For example, during one of our road trips to a MonaVie event in Orlando our car hit something on the highway, and we had to become car dealers at five in the morning with new friends. Then, we got caught in a rainstorm and had to share hotel rooms. Obstacles always come up; but, if you are determined, you do not give up. Don’t give up, contact your upline, and stay connected.

“As the years have passed, there have been many components added to our story. As the level of Gold got closer, we learned it was not about us; it’s about supporting, teaching, and helping our team to become successful. MonaVie and our upline Blue Diamond helped us become successful. MonaVie provides you with the best training, tools, and mentors. Other companies could benefit and learn from MonaVie’s structure. MonaVie supports the individuals that believe in the company and do the work. From there, the growth is imminent.

“Belief, dreams, goals: MonaVie gives this all back to you through the opportunity it offers. MonaVie is a company that believes in you and gives you the best products possible, and this creates success. MonaVie helps us understand that with perseverance and a wonderful support system, earning extra income is possible—even when your husband is suddenly retired due to economic downturn. The company provides communication to keep you educated and informed on the products and structure. The opportunity does more than teach you how to grow your business: it enriches your life.”

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