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Jul 9, 2012

New Gold Executive— Barb Brodie


Congratulations to Barb Brodie from Waukee, Iowa, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I was first introduced to the product a year and a half ago and was blown away at how great I felt when I drank it consistently! I loved the juice and I simply shared with my family and a couple of friends, and, boom, I was a Bronze in the business. Reconnecting with my college friend and locking arms to show others what wonderful products MonaVie has and what an amazing opportunity MonaVie can be is the best decision I made in a long time.

“I am a part-owner of a restaurant franchise and the operator of two stores in Des Moines. I put in a lot of hours at the store level and office, and it is a tough job. I have never been afraid of working hard, but I also want to work effectively. MonaVie gives me the opportunity to work hard at something and be effective. My favorite thing lately is the new book every month that shines a light on how to think successfully and turn any excuse into an opportunity to affect someone else’s life. The tools MonaVie shares and the events we get to go to have made the difference for me.
I am convinced that going to the big events has helped to get me to Gold. And, my sponsor, Kelly’s, love and confidence in me has helped me feel unstoppable.

“There is no way I could have reached Gold without surrounding myself with great leaders and being a part of a great team. What a great team to look to, learn from, and lean on! The best advice I could give to a new distributor is to keep it simple and follow the lead of those who have done this before you—especially when it feels uncomfortable or seems like there is no way you can talk to someone about juice or their weight-loss goals. It is not about that. Your friends trust you, and they will listen to your excitement and your passion. They will listen because they know you would not lead them astray. I have focused on telling my story and letting my friends find their stories. Together, those stories become a path to a business that has everything you need if you go and get it.

“I love to help others. I have always looked out for the other guy, and I’m always looking for that perfect opportunity to make someone’s day with a compliment or a smile. With MonaVie, I know I am helping others because there are no better products out there for better health. The people I get to be around in my MonaVie family are the best people I have ever met. They care about you and your family, and they truly value people. That is what I stand for: appreciating and valuing people!

“I cannot say enough about the corporate leaders, my upline, and the Iowa leaders! I know they have only the best intentions and the best values. I know they give more than they receive. I love working in this business, a business that has set its course to the highest of standards. I love working with friends, and I love MonaVie.”


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