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Apr 15, 2013

New Diamond Executives—Lee and Velma Davis

Congratulations to Lee and Velma Davis, from Santa Maria, California, on achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Velma and I first became aware of MonaVie when we were gifted a bottle of juice in July 2008 and absolutely loved it. We both come from traditional career backgrounds. Velma had 28 years in government contracting and had just recently taken an early retirement due to multiple sclerosis. I had 35 years in sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. We were engaged in another opportunity in the early 90s, so we understood the business model. You help others build this business once; build it the right way, and you’ll get paid over and over again.  

“We agreed that this business would be a good supplement to a smaller-than-anticipated retirement, as well as help in the cost of our two boys graduating high school and attending college. We also liked the fact that the product was very consumable, and monthly reorders would be consistent and quick. So, we talked about the prospect of re-engaging in the industry. We learned more about the company, the compensation plan, and the cause. It all made sense. We went all in!

“It made sense because there were no high pressure sales activities. Talking to family, friends, and neighbors was how we first began. It so happened that we were going home for a family reunion the week after we signed up, so we had some cases shipped back east to share. Sharing MonaVie was like referring a good movie or a restaurant where the food and service was great.

“We owe all of our success to our Lord and Savior and to our team and upline Blue Diamonds, Byron and Karen Moles, who have been exceptional in their motivation, accountability, and support to and for us since the very beginning. We made lots of mistakes, and so we didn’t fast track to Diamond. Since then, we have learned from a number of leaders. For instance, we were taught to embrace and engage in the four primary income-producing activities. We learned to prospect with a purpose in order to develop an organization that looks like the world. We learned to feed our minds daily with positive, motivating, and inspirational materials. And finally, we learned to just have fun with the business.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins this race. The only way one fails in this business with this great opportunity is to quit! It’s MonaVie for life, baby!”

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