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Mar 5, 2012

New Compensation Plan Enhancements

With the launch of the new Compensation Plan, we’d like to make you aware of some improvements that make it easier for you and those within your organization to earn bonuses.

Fast Start Bonus (Replaces the First Order Bonus)
The Fast Start Bonus is paid when one of your new enrollees purchases a Business Builder Enrollment Kit.

Star Achievement Bonus (Replaces the Star Maker Bonus)
A distributor earns the Star Achievement Bonus ($20–$40) when he or she achieves the rank of Star.

Rank Advancement Bonus (Replaces the Growth Bonus)
Much simpler than its predecessor, the Rank Advancement Bonus allows distributors to receive a one-time cash bonus for every new Executive rank they achieve—starting with a $250 bonus for Bronze Executives and going all the way up to $3 million for Triple Crowne Black Diamond Executives.

Leadership Bonus Pool
The Leadership Bonus Pool now pays out on North America volume to solely North America leaders. The point system for earning this bonus has also been simplified.

Rank Name Changes and Additions
We’ve changed the name of the rank of Hawaiian Blue Diamond to Purple Diamond. We’ve also added the rank of White Diamond (between Purple and Black Diamond).

Rank Qualification Adjustments
Rank qualification requirements have been adjusted to make advancing in rank easier than ever.

Carry-Over Volume on Team Bonuses
While no changes were made to the Team and ECM bonuses, we did change the use of carry-over volume for Team Bonuses. We also clarified how ECM is calculated and paid.

Please review the full 2012 Compensation Plan by visiting the Document Library in your Virtual Office.

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