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Jun 19, 2012

New Blue Diamond Executives—Stan and Claudia Simpson

Congratulations to Stan and Claudia Simpson from Anderson, South Carolina, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Whee! Our trip to Blue Diamond has been a roller coaster ride that has taken us through some twists, turns, bounces, and bumps; nevertheless, we would not change a thing.

“For us, MonaVie has been a track of self-discovery, personal growth, and professional development. When our friends, Ken and Helen Sudduth, shared the product with us back in 2006, it was love at first taste. But, in spite of much encouragement from Ken, we would not see the business opportunity until late 2007. Since we had never engaged in a home-based business before and lived quite a distance from where meetings and leadership were happening, we had to figure out lots of things on our own. We still laugh at some of the crazy things we tried!

“On the occasions when Black Diamonds Kim and Matt Curtis would visit their mountain lake home and host meetings, we would drive two hours to soak up everything we could about leadership. Even though they were not in our direct line of sponsorship, they were great examples and encouragers! When Steve Merritt and Charlie Kalb would come to the Carolinas, we promoted BIG, BIG, BIG so that our teams could experience a greater picture than we could possibly show them.

“We hungered for everything we could learn and never missed a major event! Once Claudia had replaced her educator’s salary, we experienced a paradigm shift in the way we understood how our financial future could look. Network marketing had been a well-kept secret, and we did not want to go back! No matter how bad the economy would become (and regardless of how many people around us would quit), we promised each other we would stay the course.

“Determined that nothing would throw us off track, when the economic crisis hit, we learned to become financially small and live simply so we could keep going with our MonaVie business. We built legs, lost legs, and built them back again and again; and, each time it happened, we learned more and became a little wiser. Finally, we reached deep into our PEAR and found Cindy and Greg McCarren, who then led us to so many others who would become our best friends as well as business partners. It was then that we discovered the power of the team!

“When the unified system MVP was created, we met Presidential Black Diamond Onyx Coale for the first time and discovered she was in our line of sponsorship. What a blessing! Onyx sets an amazing example of leadership! When she reached down into our team and found Bronzes, Silvers, and Golds with big dreams and began to encourage and coach them, we knew God had touched our team with something very special. The best became even better when Randy Schroeder began doing Monday night webinars. We realized what a breakthrough we are seeing: a company that trains its distributors and offers points for business-building materials! Wow! Now our newest distributors, from day one, will have the best coaching in the industry and the best tools as they begin their ride toward their dreams.

“Even though it has taken us a fairly long time to reach Blue Diamond, we are more excited today than we have ever been. We believe in our hearts that MonaVie has the best products, the best leadership, and the best vehicle for taking us and our team to Black Diamond and beyond. We plan to continue enjoying this ride! We give our heartfelt thanks to Dallin and Karee and the entire staff and support team at MonaVie. We love you, and we love this business!”

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